PeopleSoft Match Exception Collaboration Centre Provides You With Tools to Clear Roadblocks to Timely Supplier Payments Part II

July 8, 2022 | 4 minute read
Sriram Sadagopan
Product Manager - Payables
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This blog is the second and concluding part of the Match Exception Collaboration series. Part I covered the setup and this blog will focus on the transaction aspects of Match Collaboration.

The Match Exceptions landing page gives a bird’s eye view of match exceptions. It can be accessed via the Match Exceptions tile or the bell/notification icon if notifications are turned on.

Match Exceptions Tile

The default landing page view is based on the user role / department. This is an optional setup in User preferences. If no preferences are set Match Exceptions is the default view.

The gear Icon provides an option to personalize the fields, the user would like to see in the landing page.

Match Exception Landing Summary Page

The various match exception statuses are explained below.




Matching process could not find a group /user to  assign the exception


Match exception is assigned and being acted upon


More than one group / user has been notified of an exception


Manually set when user has made necessary changes to resolve the exception or when matching has run and an exception is automatically resolved

Match ready

Manually set when user has made changes and document is ready to be matched

  • Aging days field provides a count of the days starting from the day on which the exception was created. It can be used as a metric to ensure that exceptions are addressed in a timely manner
  • Assigned to is populated with the User Id of the person to whom the exception is assigned to and is working on resolving the exception.
  • Discount applicable, a Yes/ No flag shows the discount applicability for the voucher.  Discount applicable vouchers in match exception may be at risk of losing out on a discount and may require more immediate attention.

For a Manager/ Administrator it is very important to ensure all match exceptions are properly assigned. The following actions need to be taken in case of unassigned exceptions

1. Assign the exceptions to the appropriate user / group

2. Investigate the cause of the exception remaining unassigned and take actions like adding the rule/s to the correct match exception group.

When an exception is unassigned, Manager/ Administrator has the option to assign the match exception to a specific user or group. The Status changes to assigned and comment history is populated. Comments and attachments can be added if required.

Match Exception Detail Page

The Review/ Take Action allows the user to drill down to the source document(s) to aid in resolving the exception.

The Transaction Summary section provides concise details, required to find out the cause of the match exception.

Groups/ Users Assigned provides additional flexibility to add adhoc users or groups and delete the previous assignments if required.

We have also provided the ability to archive match exceptions, by creating a new archive template named AP_MECC. Archival can be done for all business units or a single business unit by providing date parameters.

Match Exception Collaboration Center provides a single place for the different stakeholders involved in resolving invoice exceptions to collaborate and define root cause and actionable plan to clear each exception. While Payables owns the actions, other stakeholders can provide comments, updates and attachments with full segregation of duties.

Watch the PeopleSoft Match Exception Collaboration Centre for more details.

Sriram Sadagopan

Product Manager - Payables

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