Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image #50 release and the list of features that stand out

March 30, 2024 | 6 minute read
Tadipatri Sudarsan
Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager
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PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image #50 has been generally available since 27 Mar 2024, and it contains many important new functional enhancements.

Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.

If you haven’t heard what has been released as part of Update Image #50 here are some highlights:


Change Tracking Analytics Insights

Added the Change Tracking Analytics Insights Dashboard for Enterprise Components to analyze the history of changes for transactions by product, component, record, field, and user.



Add Fluid Approvals to the Fluid Billing WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid Billing WorkCenter by adding the My Approvals pagelet. This allows WorkCenter users who are also approvers to access approval options from the WorkCenter.

Mass Update fields on Billing Interface when Missing Bill By ID

Enhanced the Mass Update Interface Errors feature by allowing you to perform a mass change when Bill-by fields are missing. Error code 0411 is added to the Mass Update Interface Errors report, which indicates that Bill-by fields are missing. In addition, the Mass Update Interface Errors page is enhanced with a new Error Status option: "Missing Bill by Field(s) Value", and Bill-by fields are added in the Error Values section.

Suppress Credit Invoices from emailing to Customers

Enhanced email options to not send credit invoices to customers. This setting can be set at the business unit and bill type level.



Budget-Only Accounts

Enhanced multiple setup and transaction pages in Classic and Fluid to verify that the ChartFields used are not defined as Budgetary Only. Expenses includes setup and transactional pages for all expense types. Payables includes the accounting Entry and the Period End Accrual Options.

Quick-Fill in Fluid Travel Authorizations

Enhanced Fluid Travel Authorizations to use the Quick Fill option that is available in Classic Travel Authorizations.

Public Templates in Fluid Travel Authorizations

Enhanced Fluid Travel Authorizations to use Public Templates.

Shared Credit Cards for My Wallet Transactions

Enhanced expense reports by allowing authorized users to access a shared corporate credit card charge that is posted in the owner's wallet and transfer the charge into an expense report.


General Ledger

Add Fluid Approvals to the Fluid General Ledger WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid General Ledger WorkCenter by adding the My Approvals pagelet. This allows WorkCenter users who are also approvers to access approval options from the WorkCenter.

Open Period Mass Update by Transaction Type

Enhanced the Open Period Mass Update page to be able to search, filter, and update by transaction type.



Approvals in Payables Fluid WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid Accounts Payable WorkCenter by adding the My Approvals pagelet. This allows WorkCenter users who are also approvers to access approval options from the WorkCenter.

Fluid Payment Request Enhancements

Enhanced Fluid Payment Request template to include new fields like Handling Code, Payment Message, and Separate Payment. Requesters can now update payment requests until the transaction has been fully approved. Also, payment request allows payment of single pay vouchers using checks as the payment method.

Common Framework for Multiple reporting currencies in Insights Dashboards

Added common framework to select multiple reporting currencies for transaction amounts in Insights Dashboards.

Multiple Attachment Framework for Classic and Fluid Pages

Enhanced the attachment framework to allow users to select multiple attachments and upload them at once. The system displays an error message if you try to load more number of attachments than the number specified in Installation Options.  



Approvals in Receivables Fluid WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid Receivables WorkCenter by adding the My Approvals pagelet. This allows WorkCenter users who are also approvers to access approval options from the WorkCenter.

Error Correction for Direct Journal Upload

Enhanced Excel Error Correction component to allow editing of the Direct Journal accounting line errors.

Display additional Payables fields on Receivables refunds

Enhanced Maintenance Worksheet to display additional refund information. This improves the AR to AP integration for customer refunds.


Commitment Control

Commitment Control WorkCenter in Fluid

Added the Commitment Control WorkCenter in Fluid. This WorkCenter includes these pagelets: My Work, My Approvals, Links, Queries, and Reports and Processes.



Approvals in Treasury Fluid WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid Treasury WorkCenter by adding the My Approvals pagelet. This allows WorkCenter users who are also approvers to access approval options from the WorkCenter.

Support ISO SWIFT Message Type Format

Added support for upgrade to ISO 20022 version 2019 for payment messages.


Asset Management

Mass Update of Accumulated Depreciation

Enhanced asset management to use import data by spreadsheet process, for adjusting accumulated depreciation of assets.


Lease Administration

Lease User Interface Enhancements

Enhanced the Lease User Interface by adding a link from the asset in Asset Management to the lease in Lease Administration. Added an ending balance column to the payment preview page, and comma separators for numbers.

PeopleSoft Insights for Lease Administrators

Enhanced Lease Administration by adding Lease Administrator Insights, to provide greater visibility into lease current and future payments and lease expirations.


Maintenance Management

Mass Update of Status, PCR Codes, and Date/Time in My Tasks

Enhanced Maintenance Management to add the ability for technicians to mass update the work order status, PCR codes, and date/time-hours worked on multiple work order tasks simultaneously using fluid.

Create Corrective Maintenance Work Orders

Enhanced My Tasks functionality in Mobile Technician to allow authorized technicians to report asset failure events from the site of the asset being worked on.



Dashboard Terminology Change

Adopted the PeopleTools change from Kibana to PeopleSoft Insights for Contracts. All dashboard roles now refer to Insights and security changes are mad for content references as well as roles and user profiles.

Manage Proposals and Generate Awards in Fluid Contracts WorkCenter

Enhanced the Fluid Contracts WorkCenter to update proposal submission status, generate pre-award projects, and generate awards en-masse across the organization.


Project Costing

Limit Transaction Integration into Project Costing

Added a new configuration page to identify the types of transactions to exclude from integrations with Expenses, General Ledger, and Payables.

Project Budget Copy

Enhanced the budget copy capability to allow copying a project budget from an existing project to a new project.

Project Data Compression in Fluid Projects WorkCenter

Added My Work Exception in fluid that allows the projects superuser to review projects ready for compression and run the process.


Strategic sourcing/Purchasing/eProcurement

Fluid User Interface for RFI and Auction Bidder Response

Enhanced the Comprehensive Supplier Secure Portal to adopt a Fluid user interface that supports Line Bid Groups, RFI, and Auction capabilities for Bidder Response.

OFAC Checks for Supplier and Supplier Change Request

Enhanced Supplier Relationship Management to enable OFAC checks for the Supplier and Supplier Change Request. If the Supplier’s name and address are listed on the financial sanctions report, the approver gets an alert message to review and validate the Supplier as eligible for payment before approving the Supplier or Change Request.

Personal Identifier and Sensitive Information in Change Request

Enhanced Supplier Change request to define any field of the train stop as Personal Identifier (PII), Sensitive, or both. The approver also gets an alert message to review these on the Review page before approving the Change Request.

Batch Switch for Requisitions in e Procurement

Added the ability to turn off Real Time Indexing (RTI) when certain high volume batch jobs that update eProcurement Requisitions and, in some instances, PO Headers. When RTI is disabled, it is recommended that incremental indexing for Requisitions and POs be run, which will automatically enable RTI again when finished.

Add and Remove Attachments from Receipts

Enhanced Purchasing Receipts to add or remove the comments and attachments for the selected line item.


Inventory Management

Add and View Attachments on Mobile Inventory Delivery and Delivery Cart

Enhanced mobile inventory – Delivery transaction with comments and attachments functionality. Users can also search the delivery documents in mobile inventory.


Supplier Contract Management

OAuth 2.0 Authentication Support for DocuSign

Enhanced the DocuSign signature method with the OAuth 2.0 authentication method for REST APIs and application password for SOAP APIs.

 You can also watch the PUM Image highlights video below:

PUM Image#50

Tadipatri Sudarsan

Senior Principal Product Strategy Manager

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