PeopleSoft Chat – Ep 15: What it takes to transition from PeopleSoft HCM to Oracle Cloud HCM

June 15, 2022 | 1 minute read
Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy
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In this episode, listen to Robbin Velayedam and Jon Wakefield, Author and Principal Consultant with CloudWorks (part of Accenture) discuss what it’s like for the PeopleSoft customers to transition to Oracle Cloud HCM.

You can access the full episode below.


If you would like to download this episode, you can do so by accessing the file here.

The episode begins with Jon sharing some benefits of transitioning to the Cloud. This is followed up with the learnings and challenges discussed while helping a customer transition from PeopleSoft HR and Compensation to Oracle Cloud.

Jon and Robbin also discuss the best practices to be followed which include the importance of planning out the transition to the Cloud, selection of data that needs to be moved to the cloud and what should one do if there are customizations. The episode closes with Jon sharing his advice on the importance of choosing the right partner for transitioning to Cloud.

What I like about this episode is that it’s power-packed with best practices, a customer reference and benefits of moving to the Cloud. Both Robbin and Jon do an excellent job in going back and forth on various topics around the Cloud transition that will benefit you if you’re thinking about ‘Lifting and Shifting’ to the Cloud.


Vaseem Khan

Principal Product Manager/Strategy

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