PeopleSoft HCM Image 47 Highlights

September 20, 2023 | 7 minute read
Julie Alonso
Product Management Director
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HCM Image 47 contains enhancements like Modernization of Personal Data, Benefits Workcenter Approval hyperlink and Business Objects and many more.  Let’s take a look at some new features and functionality delivered in Image 47

Human Resources:

Fluid Personal Data

One of the most anticipated enhancements in 2023 is the Modernization of Personal Data. 

The Modernization of Personal Data will bring added productivity to the HR Administrator’s and HR Representative’s day to day task. Here are some of the new Fluid Personal Data enhancements:


  • Fluidized Personal Data pages
  • Reduced number of clicks
  • New Configurable Search
  • New Duplicate Person Search Match
  • Steps are streamlined by using Activity Guide
  • Ability to configure the Pages and Fields that display
  • Ability to add Attachments
  • Display a Summary of Changes
  • Provide a Validation Step
  • Approvals


We deliver additional new fluid tiles for the HR Administrator and HR Representative to a have a modern and streamlined experience for managing person data like:

  • Add Person
  • Modify Person
  • Create Employee
  • Create Contingent Worker
  • Create Person of Interest
  • Organizational Relationship
  • Maintain Person of Interest


The HR Administrator is now seamlessly taken to the  Fluid Job to complete the new hire process. [LC1] 



Configurable Contact and Resources Panel for Enrollment

The benefits administrator can configure the display of the contact and resources panel [LC2] in the benefits enrollment and summary pages to be closed upon entry, open upon entry, or hidden.

Benefits WorkCenter Approval Link

Benefits administrators and specialists can now easily access their pending approvals through the Benefits WorkCenter. The approval links are available for life events and dependent updates.


Time and Labor

Direct Reports Fluid Time Pages

Image 47 delivers a new Team Time Direct Reports tile that allows managers access to all their direct and indirect reports without maintaining separate security.


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With the new tile, managers don’t need to select the time reporter each time when switching between different Time and Labor and Absence Management pages because they are now using the same security.


Lockdown Framework


In Image 47 Time and Labor customers can use the new Lockdown Framework to disable data entry into Time and Labor pages, like using the previously delivered Timesheet Lockdown.  Some of the differences between the two frameworks is that with the Lockdown Framework administrators can set up groups of time reporters ahead of time.  For instance, they can set up different paygroups to be used as groups to lock down.  In addition, they can make the lockdown dependent on the completion of specified processes, such as Payroll Confirmation, while still being able to control whether they are locking down current or prior periods.