Image 44 has been released! Here is what you need to know!

October 31, 2022 | 7 minute read
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
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From analytics to self-service to administrator productivity, you will find a variety of enhancements for employees, managers and administrators in Image 44. Here are some of the highlights.   


Employee Self-Service for Schedule Change Request

Keeping up with employees’ verbal or email requests to swap schedules or change shifts can be very time consuming for Managers. Now employees can request either of these on-line using the new employee self-service Schedule Change Request feature. The employee can even look for a replacement based on schedule availability.  Swap candidate approval is available to keep the Manager up to date about any request before approving it. Employees can also track the status of their request and be notified when it is approved.



Processed Absence Insights Dashboard

Viewing how absences are being taken are vital to understanding the trends of non-productive work in your organization. This can include the cost in not only monetary payout but also in understanding down time in your company. Use this information to help answer some of those nagging questions about absence abuse, who has negative balances, and are your absence policies in line with the reality of your workforce.


Manage Benefits Tile and Analytics

A new Manage Benefits tile provides the Benefits Specialist or Administrator with a single dashboard to access the Benefits WorkCenter and Visualizations.

In Image 44, two new Insights dashboards were delivered for the Benefits Specialist or Administrator to review, analyze, and take action on Life Events or Benefit Admin processes. Both dashboards include real time indexing capability to keep the data up-to-date without scheduling index updates.

The Life Events Insights provides information and links to perform actions. Since Life Events are time sensitive, the Benefits Specialist can stay informed of the employees’ enrollment deadlines, missing attachments, pending approvals and evidence of insurability.

With Benefits Admin Processing Insights, the Benefits Specialist has the ability to drill down to the process status to understand and trouble shoot the Ben Admin processes. The Benefits Schedule Summary provides links for the user to go directly to that page.



Configurable Benefits Statement

Providing the ability to configure Benefit Statements has been a highly voted Ideas Lab item. This simple and flexible configuration setup allows the Benefits Administrator to select what sections and fields to show on the online and print view.  Refer to the Who wants the ability to configure benefits statement? blog for more information.

Fluid Benefit Plan Comparison Additional Usability Enhancements

The Benefits Plan Comparison introduced in Image 43, is now delivered with a few more bells and whistles to improve the usability and look of the comparison.  The ability to drag and drop comparisons and add images, more formatting options, footnote popup, and a Back to Top button.  Refer to Shopping for benefit plans has just gotten easier for the employee. blog for more information about setting up the original feature.  

Remote Worker

Additional Remote Worker Analytics

The Remote Worker feature continues to deliver visualizations for Managers and Administrators.  As organizations find that sweet spot between employee request to remote work and their need to have employees in the office, analytics can play a vital role in tracking and evaluating their policies. These visualizations are available with real time indexing as well.

Four new visualizations for Managers and Administrators:

  • Remote Work Eligibility
  • Remote Work Reason
  • Remote Request History
  • Request History Details

Two additional visualizations for the Administrator:

  • Remote Location by State
  • Remote Location by Postal Code