How many Recruiting Solution Ideas Lab request can you fit into one enhancement?

January 30, 2024 | 4 minute read
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
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Manage Job Openings enhancement originally started with the delivery of a few additional fields and sort capability to the Manage Job Opening grid.  As we dug into the work we really wanted to maximize the amount of configuration and check off many of your request on the Ideas Lab that were connected to the Manage Job Opening page so we just kept developing. With the delivery of Image 49, Recruiting incorporated seven Idea Lab requests into one enhancement.

We added seven new columns on the Manage Job Opening grid.  

  • Date and Time Stamp for Date Applied
  • Date and Time Stamp for latest Disposition Update
  • Employee Referral if the referral source indicates the source as Employee
  • Former Employee if the applicant identifies themselves as a former employee
  • Veteran indicator with an associated Military Status based on the applicant identifying their service 
  • Reference indicator if the applicant provides references with the ability to link directly to the Applicant Data Tab to view the details
  • For each of these new fields, the column is hidden if no applicants identify with that field.   

We also added the Date Applied, Last Updated, and Former Employee to the Manage Applicant page. References and Military Status details are easily found under the Applicant Data tab and is based on the Applicant and not necessarily the job opening.

You have been asking for the ability to configure which fields are available in the grid and the ability to modify the label.  With this enhancement, you now have the ability to use Page and Field Configurator (PFC) and Event Mapping to configure the grid. To make it even easier for you, we have documented the steps in PeopleBooks. Check out Manage Job Opening and Manage Applicant with the steps to do this for Recruiting.   

The Recruitment Phase Funnel, located in the middle of the Manager Job Opening page, provides the Recruiter with data about the recruitment process. This includes how many total applicants have applied, are ready to be screened or interviewed, and even rejected for that job opening.   

We know that organizations often use these dispositions differently and not always use each of the dispositions. Also, if you have hidden some of the actions in the grid, you probably want to hide the corresponding dispositions. So again, to give you more flexibility and configurability, we are providing a configuration setting for you to hide phases on the funnel if needed.

The configuration table is located on the Recruiting Installation page. Just add the phases that need to be hidden. It’s that simple.

We had also heard from you that the Recruiter did not like having confirmation messages when moving an applicant to Mark Reviewed or Reject. To reduce the number of clicks, configuration has been added to allow each organization to determine whether these confirmation messages should be suppressed.