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May 26, 2020 | 3 minute read
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
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Just ask your Benefits Team if they would love to find all of the benefits links, queries, and reports they need in one location. Our new Benefits WorkCenter will do just that. The Benefits Administrator, the new Benefits Specialist, and new ACA Specialist roles will now have one central page for the majority of their work. Role based security allows you to restrict/grant access to specific information in the WorkCenter. Every organization can add exception reports, queries, and other reports using the WorkCenter Framework under the four major sections of My Work, Links, Queries and Reports/Processes. 

We created a number of exception reports under the My Work section to get you started.  Some of the features that you will find helpful include built-in links and actions where you can directly view or update the data. 

For example, one of Christelle Stevenson’s Dependents is missing a National ID.  The link or drop down action will take you to the Dependent/Beneficiary page for Christelle. No need to navigate to the page and complete a search before you can take action.  Or send Christelle a notification or email to remind her you are waiting on that data.

The Benefits WorkCenter gives you an easy way to organize Links to pages you use every day, or those hard to find Benefits setup pages you update rarely.   

Running Queries and Reports/Processes are easy from the WorkCenter.  We have included samples, but we know you have created tons of them over the years for your special processing needs. Each organization can add those queries and reports here.

The Benefits WorkCenter also provides the user personalization tools.  You determine what groups are collapsed, which page you want to always open first and more. You can also use the Scope to narrow your selections. 

Try the new Benefits WorkCenter and provide your Benefits team with new efficiencies.  I’m sure they will thank you for it. 

Watch the Highlights Video for Image 34 for a quick peek.  

For additional information, view the Red Paper for PeopleSoft HCM Benefits - Configuration and Implementation of Fluid Benefits WorkCenter (Doc ID 2665780.1) and the Payroll WorkCenter Video.

Also check out my other Benefits blogs on Fluid Benefits Enrollment and Special Enrollments

Tammy Boyles

Product Management Director

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