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September 15, 2023 | 2 minute read
Russell Broom
Vice President, PeopleSoft HCM Development
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An email, In-App, or text is now possible for virtually all notifications in PeopleSoft. Your users now have choices of notification delivery methods and can decide whether to receive notifications from the application. This is all possible now through a new Notification Composer Framework in PeopleSoft.

Notifications in PeopleSoft have been around for decades. Over time, PeopleTools has invested in expanding the technology and capabilities of notifications in Workflow, Trigger Business Events, Multi-Channel Framework, and Push Notifications. PeopleTools now has an extensive Notification Framework that provides organizations the ability to configure notifications, make notifications mandatory, and allow user personalization of them.

The Notification Composer Framework integrates with the PeopleTools Notification framework and allows the application to leverage the latest capabilities bringing email, In-App, or text as delivery methods for every system generated notification as well as the ability to configure and personalize notifications in the PeopleSoft application.  



With the adoption of Notification Composer, the applications are migrating away from older, less configurable technology for notifications that require coding. Notification Composer is the new centralized framework for creating and managing all your notifications within PeopleSoft applications that will help your organization define how to move a transaction through a business process flow, notify participants along the way, and track whether a task has been completed that needs to be reviewed, actioned, approved, or worked by users.

Notification Composer is now available within Enterprise Components in HCM Update Image 47 and ELM Update Image 23. For more information on Notification Composer, review the application Notification Composer Homepage document on My Oracle Support. Look for more blogs that dive deeper into the details coming soon!

Russell Broom

Vice President, PeopleSoft HCM Development

Russell has a long history in the information technology and services industry. He is an accomplished software architect, technology architect, and application evangelist with a demonstrated history of over 35 years.  His experience spans roles in development, consulting, support, management, and pre-sales and he is skilled in application architecture, design, development, lifecycle management, security, data privacy, user experience, and accessibility. As the Vice President of HCM, ELM, and CRM Development, he manages a global development team based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and India who bring new features, legislative/regulatory updates, and new technology to our PeopleSoft customers.

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