PeopleSoft Roadmap and Strategy unveiled at the BLUEPRINT 4D 2022 conference

July 18, 2022 | 3 minute read
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At the recently concluded BLUEPRINT 4D conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada,  Paco Aubrejuan Senior Vice President of PeopleSoft, unveiled the PeopleSoft Roadmap and Strategy. In this session, he shared our investment strategy and upcoming product roadmap, priorities for feature development, new deliveries that automate Lifecycle Management, the benefits of running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and much more.

Paco opened the session by reiterating that Oracle has no plans to end its investment and support of PeopleSoft. Earlier this year the support date was again extended to 2033, and the commitment to a rolling 10-years of support was reaffirmed. With the support topic addressed, Paco focused on four questions PeopleSoft customers often ask:

  1. How is PeopleSoft adding value for business users?
  2. How can we reduce the cost of running PeopleSoft?
  3. How can we use Cloud technologies with PeopleSoft?
  4. Are Oracle Cloud Applications ready for us and when should we move?


Let’s take a deeper look at each of those four areas…

  1. PeopleSoft continues to add value for line of business users

Paco highlighted three ways we are delivering value for users and the line of business:

    1. Modernizing and simplifying how your users interact with the software through new Fluid pages and transactions.
    2. Delivering customer-requested functional enhancements.
    3. Introducing technologies like Kibana Analytics and the PICASO Digital Assistant to make it easier to interact with PeopleSoft and get more value from the system.


  1. Reduce the cost of running PeopleSoft

There are at least three areas that we recommend to help you reduce the cost of running PeopleSoft:

    1. Use the many options to configure the system without invasive customization, and isolate any remaining customizations with powerful tools.
    2. Take advantage of the latest lifecycle management automation and tooling with capabilities like an always current PUM source, auto-merge, and test automation.
    3. Run PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

In short, lower costs with less customization, modern lifecycle management practices, and cloud infrastructure.


  1. How to use Cloud technologies with PeopleSoft

Many customers are now running PeopleSoft in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, an area where the PeopleSoft team continues to make significant investments:

    1. Scale your system up or down to match user demand within 18 minutes of changes in user activity with sophisticated AI/ML based auto-scaling.
    2. Use Policy Manager to set policies for individual environments or groups of environments to optimize costs and operational efficiency.
    3. Confidently manage your production instance in the cloud with production-grade system management features like compare reports, audits, and selective fast-clone.

The most efficient, cost-effective way to run PeopleSoft today is in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Cloud Manager.


  1. Move to Cloud Applications when you are ready

Paco confirmed that many former-PeopleSoft customers have adopted Oracle Cloud applications, across all industries, product areas, and organizations of various sizes. Oracle’s Cloud Applications are mature, winning awards and top honors from analysts, and are configurable. They are ready for you when you are ready to make the move. The timing is your choice.

To help you with your decision-making regarding your move to the cloud, Paco suggested these resources we have published for you:

Now is a good time to explore Oracle Cloud applications!


There’s a lot more that has been covered in this session. To watch it use your BLUEPRINT 4D login credentials and watch it here.  

You can also catch up with Paco and other PeopleSoft leaders online at the upcoming RECONNECT 22 event. Learn more about it here

Aalia Khan

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