Benefit Plan Comparison Bells and Whistles Helps You Create a Customized Comparison All With Configuration.

November 9, 2022 | 4 minute read
Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director
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The Benefits Plan Comparison introduced in Image 43 now has a few more bells and whistles to improve the usability. Benefits Plan Comparison has the familiar look and feel of a consumer side-by-side comparison. Employees do not need to transfer out of the enrollment process to another link or be provided paper to compare their benefit plans.  The Plan Comparison tool is a great way to communicate with employees about their benefits and to assist in educating them about the differences in their plan options. We know that benefit options can be pretty confusing to employees, so use the Benefits Plan Comparison to simplify what they need to know to make informed decisions.

The setup is relatively simple as you create a template of the sections and attributes that will be in the comparison, enter your distinctive data of each plan, and create footnotes, if applicable. We have a number of customers that have already configured Plan Comparison for their enrollments. Checkout the Shopping for benefit plans has just gotten easier for the employee blog to understand the setup.

In this blog, I will focus on the new features that enhance the user’s experience. The bells and whistles include:

  • More formatting options for the Header, Footer, and Sections using Rich Text Editor
  • Ability for Employees to “drag and drop” comparison columns to make reviewing easier
  • Administrator can add images to the comparison name to make the page more aesthetically appealing and for easy identification of plans
  • Alignment Capability for the Pay Period Cost and Coverage Level Cost sections
  • Creating a footnote popup so the employee can see the footnote information without having to scroll to the bottom of the page
  • A Back to Top button that automatically appears once you scroll off the header, as we know that some of the comparisons may be very lengthy

A new Manage Benefits Dashboard has been created to provide one stop for the Benefits Specialist or Administrator. This includes the Analytics Dashboards and the Benefits WorkCenter. You will find the Plan Comparison setup pages conveniently located on the Benefits WorkCenter.

Once in the Benefits WorkCenter, the Plan Comparison link will take you directly to the configuration pages. Rich Text Editor (RTE) capability has been added to the Comparison Definition for Sections to provide more flexibility in formatting the section information. Since the Attributes have special formatting built in, we did not add RTE for attributes.

RTE was also added to the Comparison Template Header and Footer Instructions area. The Administrator can now format the instructions using different fonts, color, and special characters.

On the Comparison Plan Data set up page, Administrators can add a Plan Image for each Benefit Plan. This can be your own image or you can chose to add a third party image using a URL ID.

The Cost Information Alignment section provides you with multiple alignment options for the Pay Period Cost and Coverage Level Cost sections.

The Select Footnotes column is used to create the footnote popups, which provides quick viewing of the information.


Check out the Image 44 Highlights Video for a good overview of what the employee will see. For more information about all of the things in Image 44, review the blog Image 44 has been released! Here is what you need to know! (

Tammy Boyles

Product Management Director