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Top 10 most popular PeopleSoft blog posts of 2020

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy

Back in January 2020, the Oracle PeopleSoft team got together to ramp up our blogging efforts. The objective was to help educate the community members like you on developments around PeopleSoft. This as a result will help you derive more value from your PeopleSoft investments.


What started as a renewed effort only helped us to strengthen our connection with you and other community members during the COVID-19 period.  We intend to keep this momentum going and our blogs will continue to serve as a channel to help you educate in 2021 and beyond.


We have compiled a list of the most popular PeopleSoft blog posts of 2020. See if any of your favorites made it to this list.


1 Oracle Extends Support for PeopleSoft to 2031

2 Are PeopleSoft Applications Reaching End of Life? Setting the Record Straight!

The top 2 most viewed blog posts are authored by Rebekah Jackson that help answer your queries on support extension and what’s next for PeopleSoft. Give them a read if you still have any questions about what’s next for PeopleSoft.


3 COVID-19: Updates for PeopleSoft HCM Customers

In this blog post, Rick Delaney shares a list of things we have in place to ensure we can ease the burden of system compliance during COVID-19. If you’re interested to read more on COVID-19 related blog posts, you can find them here.


4 Job Data Modernization is one of the biggest transformational PeopleSoft HCM features available today – Let’s make sure you are ready!

This is one of the most anticipated features of 2020. This is a pre-release blog post that caught the attention of the community. If you want to know more about the feature in detail, you can read about it in this feature release blog post. Both the posts are authored by Venkatesh Kotikalapudi.


5 Did you know there is already an easy way for you to track Remote Workers in PeopleSoft HR?

Working from home is already a reality for 1 in 2 employees in the U.S. and many more around the world. Authored by Robbin Velayedam this blog post is about the PeopleSoft Teleworker module which allows you to track a remote worker's location, dates of remote working, among others.


6 Oracle Extends Support for PeopleSoft Features due to COVID-19

In this blog post, Rebekah Jackson announces that all features targeted for de-support at the end of December 2020 will be extended and supported through the end of December 2021.


7 “Let’s help you get ready for 2020 IRS 1099 Changes for PeopleSoft Financials” (Updated as of 5th November 2020)

8 Legislative Update for PeopleSoft Payroll for North America (U.S.)

Blog posts ranked 7th and 8th authored by Madhavi Makkapati and Rick Delaney respectively are directed towards legislative updates for the customers in the USA.


9 Configure Data Masking Using Page and Field Configurator

10 PeopleSoft Query Masking as easy as 1,2,3

Blog posts ranked 9th and 10th are authored by two of our first-time bloggers Parvathy Sivaprasad and Srinivasa Prabhakara. The content in the blog posts is intended to help customers comply with the Data Privacy Regulations.


If you would like us to blog on any topics that would add value to your organization, feel free to write to me. We shall incorporate your request, considering the requested feature is in support and is a unique topic that’s not yet been covered.


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