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Are PeopleSoft Applications Reaching End of Life? Setting the Record Straight!

Rebekah Jackson
Vice President

These days we are all swimming in a sea of information (and misinformation).  Because of that, I’m never surprised when customers ask what Oracle’s support policy is for PeopleSoft. 


If you happen to be wondering, here are the 3 things you need to know:

  1. In 2018, Oracle announced support for PeopleSoft through at least 2030.  See the Lifetime Support Policy datasheet for Applications for the published dates.
  2. At the same time, we confirmed a rolling 10-year commitment to support PeopleSoft.  Meaning, starting in 2020 (this year), we will review and plan to extend the support dates, so you continue to have a full 10 years (a decade) of support for PeopleSoft.  And, we plan to keep extending support by one year, each year, until Oracle’s investment and support strategy for PeopleSoft changes.
  3. Not only is Oracle committed to continuing support for the PeopleSoft applications, we are also actively investing.  That means strategic capabilities like chatbots and new analytics platforms and integrations with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, enhancements to product features and functions, and the many regulatory updates you rely on.


With new releases delivered nearly every month, lots of features on the roadmap, and no plans to stop investing, it’s a great time to be a PeopleSoft customer


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