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PeopleSoft Shines at Oracle OpenWorld 2017

Rebekah Jackson
Vice President

OpenWorld is an event on a massive scale, with tens of thousands of people engaging in discussions on every possible aspect of software and technology.  It’s where our team can tell the big story about what’s happening today with PeopleSoft…

Thousands of customers live on the latest release. Many, many customers deploying Fluid, with great things to say about the user experience. Customers rapidly deploying the new features we are delivering, and talking about the measurable business impact they are having. Customers starting to make use of the Oracle Cloud to reduce costs, eliminate barriers and accelerate their ability to deliver value.

While it’s exciting to have the reach and scale that we achieve at an event like OpenWorld, what really sticks with me now that the conference is over, is the value of the ‘small’ conversations.  The product demos and presentations on the big stage are important, but I think the most valuable moments are the more intimate ones. 

Moments like

  • watching our inaugural group of PeopleSoft Innovators share experiences and exchange business cards, and then relay to me how excited they were to meet others that are using the software in ways that are similar, and ways that are different.  
  • having a conversation with a customer that declared they are struggling with Selective Adoption, and being able to provide guidance, resources, and connect them with other customers that are not just willing, but eager, to share their lessons learned.  
  • running into a customer and a member of the PeopleSoft team on a street corner, and having an impromptu discussion about how to evaluate the options available in Oracle’s SaaS solutions and in today’s PeopleSoft, and make the best decision for their business.  
  • sitting down with a partner to hear about projects in flight, new modules customers are deploying, and the opportunities underway with brand new PeopleSoft customers.

The irony is not lost on me that, amidst the enormity of an event like OpenWorld, it’s the personal conversations that matter most. I also have to admit that 20 years after joining the company, I’m still inspired by the uniquely collaborative spirit of the PeopleSoft community.

During the conference, I watched customers jumping in to answer questions for other customers.  I saw our partners refer business to one another, graciously introducing customers to someone at another company that had the precise knowledge or expertise needed.  I had a customer approach me and offer the most sincere expression of gratitude I’ve ever received, for the work the PeopleSoft team has done to transform the products with Fluid.  And I had the benefit of seeing just how much our global development team appreciated hearing those words, knowing the hard work, long hours, and deep commitment to the PeopleSoft products is not just noticed, but is making a real difference.

Are there challenges?  Of course.  Customers face constraints, ever-changing business demands, and pressure to do more, faster than ever before.  What emerged pretty clearly, however, is that PeopleSoft has never been a better, more powerful platform.  PeopleSoft has never been more able to deliver tangible business value to customers, and do it quickly, than it can today.  And we are so lucky to have the very best customers and community to work with.

In addition to the content the PeopleSoft team presented at OpenWorld, more than 40 customers and partners shared their stories and experiences.  If you missed the event, I encourage you to use www.peoplesoftoow.com to access the session catalog and presentations.  Or join us virtually for PeopleSoft Day during Quest Experience Week – a free, one day, live virtual event that provides the same sessions delivered at conferences, but from the comfort of your desk.  And it’s never too soon to start planning for next year’s conferences – we’d love to see you there!


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