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  • February 25, 2016

PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud

Guest Author

its commitment to PeopleSoft applications, Oracle announces the availability of
PeopleSoft with Oracle Compute Cloud
on the Oracle Cloud. This
new offering enables organizations to increase agility and ensure business
continuity while lowering costs and reducing risk.


The Oracle
Compute Cloud Service offers self service provisioning of network, compute, and
storage resources, tested with PeopleSoft applications. Subscription based pricing, predictable
performance from an optimized hardware infrastructure, and highly secure data
center operations provide PeopleSoft customers with a trusted
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. This solution eliminates capital expenditures for hardware, releases
internal resources to focus on initiatives that provide competitive advantage,
and enhances the operational agility which creates business transformation.


customers can take advantage of the cloud by either accessing the latest
PeopleSoft innovations in a demo instance available on the Oracle
Cloud Marketplace
and/or running their PeopleSoft development, test, and
production environments on the Oracle Cloud. Customers have shown enormous interest in
these opportunities not only for the cost saving realized by outsourcing the
management of infrastructure and platforms to Oracle but also the greater
business agility that comes from running PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud. Customers can immediately access
and quickly deploy new, innovative business capabilities while increasing
responsiveness to evolving business demands when using the Oracle Cloud. Customers can still extend PeopleSoft as
needed to meet their unique business requirements and adopt new capabilities on
their terms, determining what to adopt, when they want to.

leveraging Oracle Compute Cloud Service/Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) integrated with
Oracle’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)
customers deploying the PeopleSoft they know and already own to the Oracle
Cloud ensure greater business continuity for their organization. They are able to leverage existing business
processes and application knowledge as well as retain existing business
configuration and critical customizations. All while improving operational efficiency and reliability; minimizing
business disruptions. In addition, the
flexible scaling of the Oracle Cloud allows customers to react to
planned and unplanned usage spikes.

real-world business benefits are matched by lower costs and risk associated
with deploying PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud. By eliminating the impact associated with
changing enterprise applications and optimizing their organization’s resources to
focus on core competencies, customers are able to lower costs. Additionally, risk is minimized because
Oracle keeps your infrastructure technology current in order to mitigate against
security threats.

Where do
customers begin? Oracle believes
customers will start by moving some of their development and preproduction
(e.g. staging and testing) environments into the Oracle Cloud but still
run production environments as they do today. There is a tremendous opportunity in reducing
the cost and time associated with provisioning and changing environments that
are not production. Automation is a key
component to effectively leveraging PeopleSoft on the Oracle Cloud. Oracle has automated the deployment and
provisioning processes associated with PeopleSoft. Reducing the time it takes to get PeopleSoft
up and running from weeks to hours or less. The PeopleSoft
Cloud Architecture
(PCA) is the umbrella term for the new software innovations
that began to be delivered with PeopleTools 8.55. PCA enables customers to automate all the
lifecycle management processes associated with PeopleSoft including
provisioning of new environments, cloning environments, and replicating

interested in this fantastic opportunity should start by visiting the PeopleSoft on
Oracle Cloud
concept page on the PeopleSoft
Information Portal

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