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Top 5 Tips, discussion on Kibana Analytics and more on PeopleSoft Now! Episode 8

Vaseem Khan
Principal Product Manager/Strategy

If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to watch Episode 8, let me give you a quick overview of what’s covered in it. This episode takes the viewers through 5 topics which include:

  1. Kibana Analytics for ERP and HCM

  2. Top 5 Tips to stay informed all year long

  3. The latest developments in Procurement and Inventory

  4. Updates on the PeopleSoft Innovator Program, and

  5. Keeping in the KNOW! 


Kibana Analytics for ERP and HCM

The episode starts with Rebekah Jackson, Tammy Boyles and Amira Morcos talking about Kibana Analytics for ERP and HCM. The discussion revolves around what each of the product teams are working on and when customers start to see Analytics and Dashboard visualizations ship in Update Images. The discussion concludes with each of the experts giving an insight into the customer feedback on incorporating Kibana Analytics, and what you can do now to get ready.


Top 5 Tips to stay informed all year long

In this segment, 5 members of the team share 5 Tips to help you Stay informed about PeopleSoft all year long. They include:

  1. Follow our BLOGS - Apps Strategy, Technology/PeopleTools and Legislative Updates

  2. Participate in User Groups – Try Quest Oracle Community

  3. Social Media and PeopleSoftinfo.com

  4. Join a Quest Webinar – Look them up

  5. Come to a Live Event – Our Event Calendar for 2020*


The latest developments in Procurement and Inventory

Steve Morgan, Product Strategist from the FSCM team, shares his thoughts on the latest developments on the ERP side. Steve covers recent features delivered for eProcurement, Supplier Management, and Inventory, as well as new capabilities the team has on the roadmap and will deliver next. He also gives an overview of a new chatbot called Requisition Inquiry Skill


Updates on the PeopleSoft Innovator Program

Rebekah makes reference to the recent changes to the PeopleSoft Innovators program and proceeds to talk about how all PeopleSoft customers can use the program to plan and learn from other customers’ experiences. 


Keeping in the KNOW!

As always, the video concludes with an In The Know update, recapping the Product Deliverables in HCM, FSCM and Campus Solutions; Educational Assets including Image Highlights Videos, Spotlight Series Videos, Video Feature Overviews and the Virtual Events you can take advantage of.


Click below to watch the full episode of PeopleSoft Now! Episode 8


*Subject to change into a virtual event or may get canceled due to the current circumstances.