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    December 21, 2020

PeopleSoft releases new Kibana visualizations focused on Procurement Operations, Productivity, and identifying Potential Bottlenecks

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Kibana is a Reporting and Analytics tool that allows organizations to visualize data in Elastic Search repositories.  Kibana provides visual reports in the form of charts, tables, graphs, and more based on visualizations you set up on Elastic Search indexes.  The data and analytics in Kibana are secured by PeopleSoft PeopleTools role-based security.

In PeopleSoft Update Image 38, PeopleSoft Purchasing developed three new visualizations to support Procurement Manager, Contract Administrator, and Buyer roles. The Kibana analytics are accessible from the new Procurement Dashboard Homepage.  

Procurement Dashboards

Figure 1 – Procurement Dashboards


PeopleSoft’s Procurement Dashboards were created with multiple users and roles in mind.  The Procurement Contracts Dashboard was designed for Contract Administrators to quickly pinpoint Procurement Contracts set to expire by timeframe, show Contract vs Non-Contract Spend, and identify Top Suppliers with the highest dollar activity to name a few of the options available for analysis. 

Procurement Contracts Dashboard

Figure 2 - Procurement Contracts Dashboard


Users can hover over the graph to reveal more information such and quantity, percent, or amount.  Users can also manually enter filter criteria at the top of the page or click a value on the graph.  The entire dashboard is refreshed using that value as a filter. 

Value selected and dashboard is refreshed

Figure 3 - Value selected and dashboard is refreshed


The data set at the bottom of the page lists the Purchase Orders meeting the filter criteria.  Users can access the transaction by clicking View Details.


Procurement Managers can see a comprehensive picture of their organization using the Purchasing Effectiveness Dashboard.  At a glance, they can view Purchase Volume by Business Unit and Period, Top Suppliers, Purchase Orders by Payment Terms, Delivery Performance, Rejections and Supplier Returns, and Budgeted Dollars.  

Purchasing Effectiveness Dashboard

Figure 4 - Purchasing Effectiveness Dashboard

Purchasing Operations Dashboard provides Buyers a holistic view of their Purchase Orders.  They can use it as their ‘to-do’ list to easily identify Purchase Orders needing their attention.  Purchase Orders have multiple statuses and are identified as separate visualizations.  Buyers can view Pending and Past Due Deliveries, Volume of Purchase Orders by Month, and Receipt Details.  Buyers can take action by clicking the View PO hyperlink at the bottom of the dashboard.

Purchasing Operations Dashboard

Figure 5 - Purchasing Operations Dashboard


PeopleSoft’s Procurement Kibana Visualizations provides unique and powerful insight into Procurement Contracts and Purchase Order data.  It delivers actionable awareness to better manage a user’s workload.  Discover areas to improve efficiencies and more informed decisions. 


Bob Block


This blog post has been authored by Bob Block, Product Management Director at Oracle.