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Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image#36 release and the list of features that stand out

Tadipatri Sudarsan
Product Strategy Manager

FSCM Update Image#36 has gone Generally Available (GA) on June 20th. Like any other PUM image, it contains several fixes for the bugs and many important new functional enhancements.

Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft Update Manager.

If you haven’t paid attention to PI#36 here are some highlights:

Billing: Billing Specialist Configuration page

We have enhanced the Billing Specialist configuration page to include additional data elements such as User ID and Email Address. These additional data elements would default on Billing invoices.


Expense Inquiry Chatbot

We have added the Expense Inquiry Chatbot feature. Users can inquire on the status of an expense. Users can send email notifications to approvers if a report has a status of Submitted for Approval or Approvals in Process

Copy Expense Report in Fluid

We have enhanced the Fluid Expense Report to allow users to copy an entire Expense Report. Users can also copy across multiple Expense Reports by selecting an Expense Type.

General Ledger: Expand YE Process to close by Book Codes based on different YE schedules

The Year End (YE) process has been enhanced to allow you to close, or undo (reopen) a previous close, by individual book code for a year end closing group.


Early Detection and Monitoring

We have added the Early Detection and Monitoring Kibana visualization for Payables to allow greater visibility into activity as it is processed. Also, provided the capability for Kibana analytics to be accessible using a tile on the Payables Operations Homepage. This tile can access the Kibana Visualizer with full use of PeopleSoft security and navigation. The Early Detection and Monitoring dashboard focuses on the visibility of liability exposure in PeopleSoft Accounts Payable. This allows the operational leads to make proactive decisions on the priority of processing transactional activity with the objective of recognizing supplier discounts.

PAM Specification Change

We have added the requirements for the US Federal Payment Automation Manager to handle same-day automated clearing house payments.

Pivot Grid Enhancements for AP & eS

We have enhanced the Payables and eSettlements pivot grids with three features.

• Facets are displayed alphabetically

• All facets are collapsed when using Fluid.

• A 1,000-separator added for number fields.

Load bulk Single Payment Vouchers data for Voucher source XML into the Voucher Staging

We have enhanced the capability to process Single Payment Vouchers for Voucher Source XML. Excel To CI is utilized to bulk load Single Payment Vouchers data in Voucher Staging.

Receivables: Suspend Overdue Charges

The Receivables Credit/Collections feature has been enhanced to allow you to suspend overdue charges for a specified period of time or suspend any future overdue charges that may arise.

Asset Management: Approvals for Asset Data Spreadsheet Import

We have enhanced the asset data spreadsheet import feature to include approval processing. You can view asset upload spreadsheet data, summary, and interface line detail information. You can also approve or deny the asset upload. Unapproved interface lines are not processed by Transaction Loader (AMIF1000).

Maintenance Management: Enhanced Work Order Search

We have enhanced Maintenance Management to use Elastic Search. Maintenance Management search is now part of the global search lineup. Keyword search is available when accessing the Work Order and Work Order Completion pages. And keyword search is available on Asset Search pages that are accessed from the Work Order, Express Work Order, and PM Schedule Workbench pages.


Auto-populate My Contracts

We have enhanced My Contracts by adding options to auto-populate a list of contracts for each end-user, based on configurable criteria.

Process Contract Billing - New Date Options

We have enhanced the Process Contract Billing Run Control Page to include Master Contract Number, LOC Document ID, and a system date processing option.

Contracts Homepage Enhancements

We have enhanced the Contracts Homepage to provide users access to the Manage Contracts tile. This provides a comprehensive view of the Contracts for which users are responsible, and Related Actions to process contract billing and revenue recognition.


Streamline Procurement Card Processing

We have enhanced the Purchase Order line search results by adding Item and Description fields to the display grid. We have also enhanced the Voucher Build process by controlling the Voucher Invoice Date for PCard transactions.

Streamline Procurement Card Configuration and Maintenance

We have enhanced the Reconcile Statement page to require attachments when spend exceeds the threshold amount set for the Purchasing business unit. We have enhanced the Cardholder Profile to streamline the process of adding proxy users by role, and whether the card is inactive. We have added the Manage ProCard Expiration component to manage procurement card expiration dates en-masse.

Approval Priority on Purchase Order Header

We have enhanced the Purchase Order Approval process by adding a priority flag to the Purchase Order Header. Purchase orders can now be prioritized based on urgency. While approving purchase orders, approvers can filter and select purchase orders based on priority. Also we have enhanced the online copy functionality and batch sourcing processes to include a priority field from requisitions to purchase orders.

Notification Framework Uptake for SRM/SCM Modules with legacy Notification Framework Tools

We have enhanced SCM and SRM Fluid approvals by enabling the Notification Framework in Enterprise Components.

Inventory Management: Reprint Putaway Plan

We have enhanced the Putaway plan report to enable reprint after the putaway process has been run. Within the specified time period established on the Installation Options page, the Putaway plan reports can be reprinted.

Oracle releases YouTube video of every PUM Image for the benefit of users to view new enhancements which could be of immense value to the customers.

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