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  • ERP
    January 5, 2021

A redesign of the PeopleSoft Fluid Travel Authorization provides the flexibility and features you enjoyed in the classic version…..and more!

Charlotte Jorgenson
Senior Director, Product Strategy

The PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses team has redesigned the Fluid Travel Authorizations to incorporate additional features currently present in the Classic version.


From the redesigned Fluid Travel Authorization page users can now perform all tasks originating from the Classic version. Some highlights of the features added to the newly designed Fluid Travel Authorization include:

  • The ability to add additional or delete existing rows on the Travel Authorization if it has not yet been approved.
  • We’ve added the ability to enable editing or viewing of a Travel Authorization created via the Classic pages.
  • You can create a new Travel Authorization by copying an existing Travel Authorization
  • Fields in the Header and Expense Type Details can be entered or changed even if defaulted in from preferences or templates.
  • You can create a Cash Advance or Populate from another Travel Authorization.
  • You can add attachments at the header or line levels,
  • You can add or delete expense types, with an unlimited number or expense type rows. Expense Types with assigned per diem amounts can be added to the Travel Authorization.

Travel Authorization

The Fluid Travel Authorization is optimized to be used on any personal device. There is no loss of functionality when a personal device is used. You have the same capabilities and features as when using the larger devices.

Travel Authorization Search

Watch the Highlight video of this functionality on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel.