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    August 7, 2020

PeopleSoft eProcurement: Use Direct Connect to Punchout to Supplier Sites and Reduce the Overhead of Maintaining Supplier Items and Catalogs

Guest Author

As an Applications Sales Consultant for Oracle PeopleSoft, I present functionality in the Supplier Relationship Management Product Suite, including the PeopleSoft eProcurement module. 

PeopleSoft eProcurement is a ‘requestor-centric’ procurement module that includes a robust requisition function called ‘Direct Connect’, sometimes known as “punchout”. The benefit of this function is to remain in the context of the PeopleSoft eProcurement requisition while connecting to web supplier sites.  Upon submittal, product data is drawn into the requisition for continued processing through the PeopleSoft workflow to purchase order creation.  It also alleviates the need to duplicate and maintain supplier catalog information within PeopleSoft. 

A further benefit is obtaining the correct pricing, based on contracts and pricing schedules set up for these procurement activities.   Requesters are unaware that they are pulling information from the supplier’s site via Direct Connect while their User Experience reflects what they are familiar with in the PeopleSoft product.

The PeopleSoft eProcurement license includes the necessary connection tools to web supplier sites (Integration Broker, etc.).  The configuration set-up instructions are not summarized in any one location of PeopleSoft Help Online. Therefore, it may be challenging for those implementing eProcurement, and for administrators within the procurement organization, to set up Direct Connect.  Recognizing this challenge, I collaborated with an Oracle PeopleSoft Support representative who assisted my team with the configuration for Direct Connect in our demonstration environments.  The Oracle PeopleSoft eProcurement Strategy team suggested I document the process because it would be valuable information for those who wish to evaluate, test, and implement PeopleSoft eProcurement punchout functionality.


Experiencing Direct Connect with the Fluid eProcurement Requisition:

While Direct Connect is also available for the Classic Plus User Interface, these next few page shots illustrate the user experience using Direct Connect from the Fluid eProcurement requisition:

  • Within the Fluid Create Requisition page, select the web suppliers facet and click on the Staples (or other) web supplier link:

  • While remaining in the context of the requisition (see banner), shop using the web supplier site’s shopping tools and search for products (i.e. keyword ‘drive’), select item, then add to their cart:

  • Review the Cart and submit the “order”.  Please note that an “order” is not actually happening on this site.  Only the product information is coming back into the PeopleSoft eProcurement requisition:

  • The product has now populated a requisition line for processing through workflow and purchase order creation:


Get Step-by-Step Configuration Details:

A step-by-step guide on how to set up the Direct Connect punchout is now available for you on My Oracle Support (MOS).  While it is not an implementation guide, I hope it provides you with enough proof-of-concept information for your organization to enable the function for application testing, and for eventual adoption by your organization for key suppliers in your ecosystem.

In My Oracle Support, reference the document called “How to Setup ‘Punchout’ Direct Connect Supplier To Be Used In Creating eProcurement Requisitions”, Document ID 2694386.1.