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Payroll for North America provides comprehensive functionality

Guest Author

PeopleSoft Payroll for North America software is known for being the best in class in Payroll Software.  Throughout the years our customers have described our product as accurate, efficient, stable and simply an application that gets the job done and does it well.  Coincidentally, these are the same qualities we see in our customers.  It doesn’t matter which company/organization you work for, you will find Payroll Department working hard to ensure each employee is paid accurately and on time.  This can be a stressful job with never ending deadlines, compliance changes and at times late/delayed information from third party sources.  Regardless of the challenges the Payroll Department is faced with, they rise above them and get the job done.  Payroll for North America is designed to help alleviate these challenges.

  • Payroll for North America is an innovative approach to payroll processing and is designed to ensure that you’re always in control, on time, and processing payrolls with maximum efficiency. Our Preliminary Calculation feature allows you to run pay calculations in preliminary mode as many times as required to correct errors and adjust payroll information.
  • In today’s political climate the legislative changes can become overwhelming.  PeopleSoft Payroll for North America fulfills your federal, state, provincial and local tax requirements by providing a complete, up-to-date set of tax tables and system changes in timely Tax Updates. 
  • The Payroll Department not only receives data from various departments within an organization but it also provides information that is relevant your organizations bottom line. PeopleSoft Payroll for North America is a fully integrated with other PeopleSoft applications allowing you to provide, as well as receive, important data needed to run payroll as well as your business. 
  • The Payroll Department often receives late paperwork and must scramble to get the changes in the system.  To help with that challenge PeopleSoft Payroll for North America allows you to load data quickly and easily to the paysheet by using and an Excel Spreadsheet via Component Interface technology.  In addition, we provide you a configurable Retro Pay process for those late pay increases that didn’t get in on time.
  • Payroll for North America along with HRMS Compensation/eCompensation will allow you to provide your employees with a Total Rewards Statement.  The Total Rewards Statement is used to increase the employee's awareness of the total value of compensation (both salary and benefits). Employers recognize that compensation and benefits are integral to their ability to keep and attract employees who foster excellence in their jobs.
  • We are working on improving the product for future releases in such areas as Paycheck Modeling to be included as part of our comprehensive Employee Self Service Application (ePay).  Paycheck Modeling will allow USA employees the ability to calculate “what if” situations against the check data without updating any production tables.   This new functionality will empower your employees to get the answers they need on their own without calling the Payroll Department.

This is just a few examples of how the Payroll for North America can help reduce the stress and workload of a Payroll Department.  For more information please the Oracle Data Sheet.

In closing, next time you see a Payroll Professional, take a moment to say thank you.  They are remarkable individuals who are working hard for you.  After all, isn’t getting a paycheck one of the main reasons we all come to work?

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