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PeopleSoft Chat – Ep 8: How PeopleSoft customers can use Chatbots to meet employee expectations and cut costs in Help Desk

Samidha Rege
Principal Product Manager

In this episode, Paul Isherwood, CEO and Co-Founder for IntraSee, talks about ‘how chatbots are disrupting ERP business and transforming user experience,’ while sharing his own experience of chatbot implementation for PeopleSoft customers.


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As a Product Manager at Oracle for PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework, it was great to hear Paul’s perspective on the potential and future of chatbots. At one point in the podcast, he says, “ ...This is definitely the way of the future. I think in 2 years’ time, Robbin, we will be looking back and saying why would anyone ever doubt this? Everyone will be using it at that point. It will be a standard User Interface.”  This highlights the value proposition that chatbots are bringing to growing businesses.


Paul also shares success stories of customers’ chatbot adoption and gives recommendations on how customers can strategically plan and prepare for chatbot uptake.


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