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  • April 7, 2017

Oracle Lifetime Support Document Updated For PeopleSoft – April 2017

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Ongoing Investment

Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft remains strong. Oracle’s PeopleSoft team is delivering on its commitment of ongoing PeopleSoft investment. This is seen in the continuous delivery of new features and functions via PeopleSoft Update Images. Through the first quarter of calendar year 2017, over 750 features have been delivered for the PeopleSoft applications since the general availability of PeopleSoft 9.2 in March of 2013. That is equivalent to a major release’s worth of new features. However, the continuous delivery model has made these new features available sooner and PeopleSoft Selective Adoption has made these new features easier for customers to consume. You can and should see what those features are in the Cumulative Feature Overview tool and on the PeopleSoft YouTube channel.

Support Commitment

Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft goes beyond its commitment of ongoing PeopleSoft investment. Oracle is committed to the long term support of PeopleSoft. In January 2016, I wrote the blog “Oracle Lifetime Support Document Updated for PeopleSoft – January 2016” announcing the clear establishment of Oracle’s commitment to support PeopleSoft HCM and Financials (FMS/ESA/SCM) 9.2 “through at least” December 2027. At that time support was in the form of Oracle Premier Support through 2024 with Oracle Extended Support through 2027. Today I am pleased to announce another change to Oracle’s Lifetime Support policy for PeopleSoft applications that further illustrates Oracle’s commitment to PeopleSoft. As of April 2017, the Oracle Premier Support end date for PeopleSoft HCM/ELM and Financials (FMS/ESA/SCM) 9.2 as well as Campus Solutions 9.2 has been set to December 2027. This moves the existing committed support date of “through at least” December 2027 from Oracle Extended Support to Oracle Premier Support. As part of this update, Oracle Extended Support is indicated as “Not Available” for PeopleSoft HCM/ELM and Financials (FMS/ESA/SCM) 9.2 as well as Campus Solutions 9.2. These Oracle Support policy changes are documented on page 9 of the updated Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications and shown below.

These changes eliminate any questions about the differences in the level of support between Oracle Premier Support and Oracle Extended Support, remove any uplift fees associated with Oracle Extended Support, simplify support by focusing on a single date – December 2027, and align Oracle support policies for PeopleSoft with that of other Oracle applications.

Future Support of PeopleSoft

Oracle also understands that as time passes and the above dates approach, customers continuing to use PeopleSoft applications will need a better understanding of their support timeline horizons. The current December 2027 date is NOT an end of life date for PeopleSoft. There are NO plans to end investment or de-support PeopleSoft. Support dates are evaluated for update annually by Oracle’s PeopleSoft team. Based on the needs of PeopleSoft customers and market activity, extensions to support dates are considered. Support for PeopleSoft applications will be provided through at least the dates listed in the Oracle Lifetime Support Document; they can only be extended in the future and not reduced.

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  • Nick Lavcanski Wednesday, April 18, 2018
    Do we have any idea when the Oracle policy will be updated to reflect the alignment to the continuous delivery model?
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