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A Simple Guide to how Position Administrators get better control over managerial positions with the New Manage Primary Incumbent feature!

Venkatesh Kotikalapudi, and Jeremy Pelley

PeopleSoft Fluid Position Management now allows a Position Administrator to identify a primary incumbent in a position. A new ‘Manage Primary Incumbents’ tile has been enabled on the Position Management dashboard to allow Position Administrators to access a new fluid page where they can review the list of current incumbents of a position and mark one of them as a Primary Incumbent.

Having a Primary Incumbent in a managerial position ensures that any approvals routed to such positions are routed to the correct approver. The following are the key highlights of the feature:

  1. Mark an Incumbent as a Primary Incumbent: To assign a Primary Incumbent, simply slide the Primary incumbent slider on the individual row you wish to be the primary incumbent as shown in the image below.

A Start Date is required to determine when an incumbent becomes a Primary Incumbent. On any day, a position can have only one Primary Incumbent. The ‘Include Future Incumbents’ button allows you to review incumbents moving into the position as of future Job Effective Date and mark any of them as a Primary Incumbent as of a future Start Date.

  1. Improved Approval Routing for Guided Self Service Transactions: Once Primary Incumbent is identified for a managerial position, any Guided Self Service transactions requiring a manager approval will now be routed to the Primary Incumbent of the position for approval.

  1. Track Primary Incumbents History: You can track the history of Primary Incumbents using the ‘View Incumbent History’ link available on the page.
  1. How can the Primary Incumbents status change? It can change as a result of any of the following scenarios that can arise based on job movement of an employee or the Primary Incumbent:
  1. When an employee moves into a position and system automatically assigns the employee as Primary Incumbent.


  1. When an employee moves out of a position and system assigns the next eligible employee as Primary Incumbent.


  1. If the Administrator changes the Primary Incumbent in a position, as in selects another incumbent as Primary Incumbent manually on the Manage Primary Incumbents page.

Note: Primary Incumbent status is updated automatically to ensure the system is able to find a manager while routing a transaction for approval. Based on the job movement of the employees, administrators should work with the business to review and update the Primary Incumbent information for a managerial position.

  1. Review Primary Incumbent Details in Job Data and Position Data: The Reports To field on Job Data-Job Information page and Fluid Position Management-Position Data page will now allow Administrators to see the list of current incumbents along with Primary Incumbent information. Job Data-Job Information page shot:
  2. Configurations: In addition to the above, the feature allows you to enable or disable the feature and configure the custom business logic method to identify Primary Incumbent automatically and do more.


To summarize, the Manage Primary Incumbent feature provides Position Administrators more power to maintain managerial information for a position using the new Fluid user interface.


Don’t forget to watch the HCM Image 33 highlights video below and also read the PeopleSoft Online Help for a more in-depth feature overview of the new feature.