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Learn about the PeopleSoft FSCM Image#38 release and the list of features that stand out.

Tadipatri Sudarsan
Product Strategy Manager

PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image #38 has been generally available since 21 Dec 2020. Like any other PUM image, it contains several bug fixes and many important new functional enhancements.

Customers can selectively adopt new features and enhancements using the PeopleSoft update manager.

If you haven’t heard what we planned for Update Image #38 here are some highlights:


Invoice thresholds: 

Enhanced the Billing finalization process to recognize threshold amounts on invoices. When the finalization process runs, only invoices that are equal to/or greater than the defined threshold amounts are processed.

Enhanced the billing interface process to run by Business Unit(s), as well as by Interface ID.


Budget check transactions during Fluid approvals:

Enhanced the approval process to allow approvers to budget check Expense Reports and Travel Authorizations in pending status. The budget check process can be run when approving multiple transactions or from a transaction header.

Recognize approval Privilege Template for Fluid transactions:

We enhanced Fluid approvals to recognize the approval Privilege Template for Expense Reports. In addition, we added an option for approvers to add or delete attendees while approving Expense Reports.

Update the Fluid Travel Authorization user interface:

We enhanced the Fluid Travel Authorization to conform to the updated Fluid user interface. Users can access, edit, and submit Travel Authorizations that originated from the Classic Travel Authorization pages. Documents can be attached at the header and line levels. You can create a cash advance and copy to a new Travel Authorization from the Travel Authorization Fluid page. You can also add an unlimited number of Expense Types including those categorized as Per Diem Expenses.

Display receipt required on Fluid Expense Report approval page:

The Expenses Fluid approvals page has been enhanced to display the receipt required status as well as whether or not the receipt is present for the Expense Report lines. This allows approvers to make a more informed decision when approving Expense Report transactions.

General Ledger

Approval for un-post journals:

Enhanced the approval workflow feature to approve journals that need to be reversed after they have been posted. This is similar to approving journal posting.

Enhanced the General Ledger Fluid WorkCenter by adding the email notification option to the action options.

Enhanced the Business Process Weaver process by replacing Raphael with Oracle JET libraries.

Enhanced the General Ledger Fluid WorkCenter to list all journals that are pending approval.


Enhanced the ability to send email notifications for one or more “My Work” transactions using the Fluid Accounts Payables WorkCenter.


Enabled classic plus stylesheet for all classic pages in eSettlements.


Kibana analysis for Receivables collections:

Added two Kibana dashboards to support collections and collector performance. These visualizations provide insight into the status of your collections, such as accounts receivable balance versus overdue or top five customer balances, and the performance of individual collectors.

Enhanced the receivables Fluid WorkCenter to send email notifications for multiple “My Work” transactions.

Asset Management

Partial lease retirement enhancement

Enhanced payables lease amendments to record partial lease terminations. Partial lease terminations represent a reduction in lease scope, such as a decrease in rentable property area, or a reduction in equipment quantity. The lease amendment component enables you to record a decrease in lease scope.

Enhanced the accounting for payable leases to include foreign currency leases.

Enhanced the disposal worksheet to allow entry of retirement date, disposal code and transaction code for non-capitalized assets.

Enhanced the location and area id fields to the find assets search criteria.

Maintenance Management

Enhanced the work order notes component to display any associated service request notes for a work order.

Enhanced the quick work order feature to add, delete, and update schedules for work order tasks.

Enterprise service automation solutions

Enhanced prompts for project id in contracts to include project description.


Enhanced prompts for Project ID in Project Costing to include project description.


Kibana analytics for procurement operations and effectiveness:

Added multiple Kibana dashboards that help you to analyze and gain insights into the procurement business process - procurement contracts, purchasing effectiveness, and purchasing operations dashboards. These visualizations identify transactions that require attention, detect buyer productivity, monitor pending action items, and spot potential bottlenecks in the procurement lifecycle.

Enhanced the asset inspection process by allowing inspectors to enter and review asset details, in addition to performing their normal inspection tasks.

Enhanced the supplier change request process by allowing editors to review, update, and add information prior to submitting change requests for approval.


Default entry page and checkout flag for edit requisition:

Enhanced the Fluid Requisition process by providing the users with the option to choose whether they want to navigate to the checkout page, instead of the cart page, when the Requisition is in the edit mode.


Enhanced the cycle count process by allowing you to include or exclude items based on their status during the counting event creation process.

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