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Job Data Modernization is one of the biggest transformational PeopleSoft HCM features available today – Let’s make sure you are ready!

Venkatesh Kotikalapudi, and Robbin Velayedam

The Job Data component within PeopleSoft Human Resources is one of the most used components by your HR Administrators. Job Data serves as the central source of any employee’s job-related information. Nearly all PeopleSoft HCM modules and PeopleSoft products use the job information from Job Data for many requirements.

Later this year, we expect to make available a Fluid, activity guide-based redesign of the entire Job Data component to make it easier to use, minimize data entry errors, and facilitate new user adoption. Customers will also be able to configure approval processes, pages, and fields by action/action reason, masking for personally identifiable data, and replacement or extension of customizations.  Also planned is the ability to attach documents and improvement of the search functionality in Job Data; two of the most highly requested enhancements by customers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major design enhancements.


New Manage Human Resources Dashboard:

HR Administrators will have a dedicated, personalizable dashboard to access important Core HR transactions as tiles. The new Manage Job tile will provide access to Job Data. The more you personalize the dashboard with additional tiles to match your role and responsibilities, the less likely you will need to navigate the system via the traditional menu.


New Configurable Search

  • Search using Basic or Advanced Search
  • Configurable Keyword Search
  • One-click search using the criteria from previous or frequent searches
  • Save your search criteria and easily reuse a saved search
  • Search using additional criteria such as HR Status, Department, Jobcode, Manager Name
  • Configure your own Search Criteria and the Search Results fields displayed


Redesign means better User Experience

  • Single page summary of all Job actions for an employee
  • One-click ability to Add a Row, Edit Existing Rows, View Details, Delete and more
  • New easy-to-follow Guided Process for entering Personnel Actions
  • Attach supporting documents for Job Data changes
  • Check/Validate changes to Job Data for errors before submission
  • Maintain/Extend your customizations using delivered Drop Zones
  • Configure approval processes for Job Data changes
  • Configure steps and fields display by action/action reason using Page & Field Configurator