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    September 10, 2020

Now ePro requisition has quick selection of 'Amount Only' option

Guest Author

Do you want to create eProcurement Requisition lines purely based on Amounts with no consideration to quantity? If your response is a 'Yes', then “Amount Only” special requests is the obvious choice for you!

 “Amount Only” functionality has been supported on the eProcurement Requisition for a very long time and many customers have routinely been using it for various business cases. Currently the Requesters must do the following to mark a Requisition line as “Amount Only”.

A Requester enters the special requests Item details, adds the Item to the shopping cart and navigates to the checkout page.  Requester then drills down to the Requisition line details page then further to the Item Additional Information section where they can change the “Amount Only” toggle to ‘Yes’. They can then Click the ‘Done’ button to return to the Checkout page.

Requestor repeats all the above steps for next special requests Item. Doesn’t this sound a bit tedious?

We asked ourselves “How do we make this activity simpler, faster and convenient to requester especially when the requisition has many lines qualifying as “Amount Only”?

PeopleSoft eProcurement provides an easier option to now mark a Requisition line as “Amount only” from the Special Request page or from the Checkout page without having to drill further down into the line details which will save time, save clicks and make it more efficient for users.

PeopleSoft eProcurement product has introduced two new role actions to support this feature which will determine where on the Requisition page the “Amount Only” toggle will appear.

  1. This action will display the Amount Only toggle on the Special Request page - AMT_ONLY_SPECIAL_REQ
  2. This action will display the Amount Only toggle on the checkout page for all lines – AMT_ONLY_LINES


Enabling Role Action

If you are not allowed to manage role access, you may need the help of an administrator to do the one-time setup for this role action to be added to your profile.

Whether you or an Administrator implements this, the steps are easy to carry out. Navigate to Assign Role Actions to role page. Enable these two role actions:



for the eProcurement Requester role and save.

If the Requester selects the Special Requests option from the left panel the “Amount Only” toggle is available for selection in the Special Requests page. A requester can select “Yes” to mark as “Amount Only” even before adding the item to the Shopping Cart.

The new design is so flexible it allows changes to “Amount Only” from the Checkout page as well. This enables the requester to change an earlier decision on the special requests page just before checkout. The Requester can also change the “Amount Only” toggle for multiple requisition lines.

In a normal business day, there may be a large volume of requisitions. For managing such a situation, the quick option suggested in this blog post would help users save time and effort. If you would like to offer this option to your users, PeopleSoft Update Image 9.2.37 has this enhancement for both Classic and Fluid versions of Requisitions.


Anup Maduskar This blog post has been authored by Anup Maduskar, Principal Product Manager at Oracle.

He works from the Bangalore office and has been with Oracle for over 8 years.