CRM 9.1 PIM Server Sync Alleviates Your Pain of Sharing Enterprise Data

By John Yun

With mobile devices becoming a preferred method of accessing enterprise applications, sales professionals, HR recruiters, field service agents, and corporate managers in your organization require tools that allow them to do their work on-the-go without losing valuable data just because they are not in the office. Since Personal Information Management (PIM) applications such as Microsoft Outlook do not automatically synchronize with the enterprise CRM system, the ubiquitous nature of these devices creates enterprise data that are more dispersed and scattered across the enterprise, putting your business in a greater risk of having inconsistent and inaccurate data across the organization. Your workforce needs real-time access to accurate contact and calendar information anytime, anywhere from the comfort of their mobile devices in order to be productive.

What are you doing today to share enterprise data that are critical for your workforce? Do you still run nightly batch programs to synchronize the data between the enterprise system and a PIM application? Or have you built an expensive integration and wondered how you will be able to keep up with technologies changing at the speed of light? Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a synchronization solution that can address all these concerns? Look no further – Personal Information Management (PIM) Server Sync is here!

As an alternative solution to the retired CRM Infosync products, the new PIM Server Sync allows users of PIM applications such as Microsoft Outlook to manage CRM contacts, meetings, and calendar items regardless of place and time by synchronizing data between the enterprise CRM system and the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with following feature capabilities:

  • Shared Enterprise Data

    Data created by different workers using PIM applications such as Microsoft Outlook is not automatically shared among different users across the enterprise, often resulting in multiple views to inconsistent customer interactions and poor services. In order to ensure consistent services regardless of different customer touch-points by different users, it is extremely critical that your entire workforce accesses the same customer data through a consistent and unified view of the latest customer information.
  • Promotes Enhanced User Experience and Productivity

    The new PIM Server Sync improves efficiency and increases user productivity by significantly reducing the time it takes to quickly disseminate and share the accurate information that is critical to success of your business operations. By replicating and synchronizing only data that are relevant to an individual user, your workforce does not have to worry about unqualified data which simply adds more overhead to their efficiency.
  • Powerful Server-to-Server Synchronization from Fusion Technology

    The new PIM Server Sync synchronizes your enterprise data between the PeopleSoft CRM system and the Microsoft Exchange Server using the state-of-the-art synchronization engine from Fusion technology called Business Data Synchronization Server (BDSS). The server-side nature of the synchronization process alleviates its users from having to push any data changes manually between these two systems, but rather hides and automates the synchronization process from the users’ daily tasks, allowing them to focus on their jobs. Additionally, the BDSS offers a flexible and yet robust configurable administrative features through the Oracle Enterprise Manager including data filters to custom define the most complex synchronization scenario to fit all your data synchronization needs. Its scalable architecture and framework will allow you to extend the same synchronization capability to any PIM systems (such as Fusion Middleware, IBM Domino Server/Lotus Notes, and so on) if you choose to implement in the future.
  • Oracle Advantage

    Unlike other synchronization solutions available through a third-party vendor, the new PIM Server Sync has embedded the solution which is available from the same company, Oracle, ensuring you the best quality support and services throughout its product lifecycle.

Here is the good news. We have embedded the product in CRM 9.1 and you will be able to leverage all these features at no additional cost. Talk to your Account Manager how PIM Server Sync can help you increase productivity for your workforce!

For more information on installation, product pre-requisites and detail feature capabilities, please refer to the CRM 9.1 PIM Server Sync Release Notes.


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