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  • July 31, 2017

Dotted Line Relationships in PeopleSoft HCM

Prathibha Sastry
Principal Product Manager
Maintaining an accurate organizational structure is at the heart of the responsibilities of every Human Resources office.  This structure not only represents how a company or institution is formed and communicates, but also indicates the hierarchy of authority, responsibility and accountability within the organization.  Traditionally, an organizational structure only represented the chain of command and the span of control for a position -- or the individual holding that position.  However with changing workforce dynamics, customers need the ability to display different types of organization relationships within the organization chart.  The formal representation that we see today in company directory along with its mobile avatar, the matrix team and dotted line reporting features enable the visualization of different types of relationships as well.
When groups of employees from different functions work together to achieve a common goal, they typically form a matrix team. These teams are time bound and could be formal or informal.  The Matrix Team capability for the administrator is already available in PeopleSoft and is discussed on this blog -> Managing Matrix Relationships: Organization Visualization and Navigation. Self service options for matrix team was made available in 9.2 Image 17 (Blog - HCM Update Image 9.2.17)
Unlike Matrix team relationships, Dotted Line Relationships normally represent a one-to-one relationship in between two individuals that is formal and somewhat long term.  Dotted Line Relationships are not specific to one goal or project and represent a working relationship which is a part of an employee’s daily activities and tasks.
Image 23 for 9.2 customers introduced Dotted Line Relationships capabilities for creating lines of control in organizations.  Examples of these reporting lines include:
Mentee – Mentor relationship, including new hire with journeyman employee
An employee having an administrative manager and a functional manager
Director – Pooled Executive Assistant relationship
Temporary or contractual employees
Assigned point of contacts from HR, Legal, Security, Training, etc.
Dotted Line Reporting allows your employees and managers to manage their own dotted line relationships where the relationships are visually represented on the Company Directory Organization Chart and is also shown on the Company Directory Profile for everyone to view.
Customers may enable self service dotted line relationship capabilities through assigned roles.  Approvals are enabled through the Approval Workflow Engine to help customers easily configure an approval process for adding and/or removing a dotted line relationship before it is displayed in the Company Directory.
The PeopleSoft Company Directory has now evolved into a one-stop shop for identifying and visualizing formation of an organization with lines of communications, hierarchy of authority, span of control and relationships that are both formal and informal.
To know more about dotted line relationship management, you may watch this video
To know more about matrix teams and Company directory, refer the following links: 

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