Monday Feb 13, 2012

CRM Services Operational Dashboards Deliver Actionable Service Insight

In order to deliver superior service to your customers, your contact center managers and agents need access to critical service information that is accurate up to the minute. You should be able to take the real-time pulse of your service operations with accurate CRM service data and take appropriate actions to deliver quality service to your customers. Based on PeopleTools’ latest Chart Object technology, the new Services Operational Dashboards are collections of pagelets that are built to provide real-time actionable information for contact center managers and agents. Users can drill down into data, slice and dice the data based on different data dimensions to gain greater insight into service cases and customers that require immediate action. Without the cost of expensive ETL integration or a data warehouse, these dashboards are designed to increase agent efficiency, offer insight on customer needs and provide contact center staff the tools needed to better serve the customer base.


The new Services Operational Dashboard delivers two role-specific dashboards for contact centers:


Manager Dashboard


The Manager Dashboard displays operational data for cases that are assigned to provider groups Provider groups can be associated with the manager via pagelet personalization pages of the manager user, and the manager-provider group relationship is established on the Provider Groups page. The Manager Dashboard includes these pagelets:

  • Cases at Risk of Exceeding SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Manager Case Backlog
  • Case Arrivals versus Closures
  • Top Solutions by Product
  • Top Solutions by Library
  • Top Solutions by Category

Agent Dashboard


The Agent Dashboard displays information of all open cases that are assigned to the agent. It includes these pagelets:

  • My Case Backlog
  • My Open Case SLA Status
  • Agent - My Cases
  • Top Solutions by Product
  • Top Solutions by Library
  • Top Solutions by Category

Each dashboard consists of pagelets that display contact center data relevant to users of that role.

Interactive charts in these dashboards provide mouse hover-over texts, showing the number of cases with the status or priority that the chart object represents. The user can click these chart objects to drill into bars and links to see additional information about cases and solutions for better insight on customers that require immediate actions based on real-time transactional service data.


Manager Case Backlog Details Drilled Down from the Manager Case Backlog Pagelet


Delivered pagelets are WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) compliant so they can be easily consumed and used in any WSRP-compliant portal such as Web Center, and can be easily rearranged on dashboards by dragging and dropping the pagelets to the desired areas, or by clicking the Layout link on the PIA homepage to personalize the dashboard’s layout.


Solutions-specific pagelets are built in the form of grids. They show basic information such as solution summary, usage counts and the number of times they are used to solve cases. For each solution-specific pagelet, you can easily slice the solution information in a different dimension with filter criteria such as product, solution library, and category.


This feature is currently available through Oracle Support via the Product Update ID 874512. To learn more, please refer to the PeopleSoft CRM 9.1 Services Operational Dashboard PeopleBook Documentation Update.


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