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  • October 16, 2017

Cyber Security Speciality Code Changes for U.S.Federal

Venkatesh Kotikalapudi
Senior Principal Product Manager - Product Strategy

In 2013 and subsequent versions of the Guide to Data Standards - the early version of the National Initiative for Cyber-security Education (NICE) framework – the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) required Federal Agencies to assign a unique two-digit cybersecurity code to each of their position categories and specialty areas.  In 2016, the NICE framework evolved and OPM adopted a three-digit cyber-security code.

PeopleSoft has published a Position Statement on My Oracle Support providing details of the scope of these changes which are planned to be delivered in an upcoming image à Cyber Security Speciality Code changes 2017 - Position Statement Link

In the interim, a Patch Release Patchset (PRP) is available now for download.  This PRP includes a subset of the functionality planned for delivery as described in the position statement referenced above.  Summary of the changes delivered in the PRP include:

Changes delivered via PRP on Oct 12th, 2017:

Bug Number

Bug Description

PRP MoS Link


USF Cyber Security Speciality Code Increase Field Size

MOS Link to Download PRP Fix

  1. Modified Cyber Security Speciality Field length from 2 char to 3 char

  2. Modified Cyber Security Speciality Code field setup to include:

    1. Category Code and Description

    2. Cyber Security Speciality Area Code Description

    3. Cyber Security Work Role Code and Description

    4. Deliver new 3 character codes - All the new 53 codes are effective from 1st December 2016

  3. Modify Add/Update Position Data setup to allow using new codes - More than 1 and up to 3 cyber security codes can be associated with a position.

  4. Modify Job pages to allow associating upto three codes with an employee - All associated codes should be visible in transaction pages of the employee.

  5. Modified delivered CPDF Validation program and SQR Reports to report upto 3 Cyber Security Speciality codes for an employee. The 9 character field has been added to meet reporting requirement.

  6. SQR /Cobol modified to populate the value by reading the codes from Job record and concatenating based on priority to form 9 character codes.

  7. Additionally, validations have been delivered to prevent data errors.

 Note: Another blog will be posted once the final solution is included in an image.



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