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Create a quick questionnaire to track employees’ return to work

Tammy Boyles
Product Management Director

Helping to keep all employees healthy and feeling safe are important missions of human resources departments, especially as employees begin coming back into the workplace.  Some of the research material I have read indicates that the CHRO should consider a staggered return of employees, and plan for a re-exit strategy if there is a COVID-19 resurgence.  Gartner has a number of good articles on those subjects.

Numerous employers are also screening employees as they return. This may include doing a basic temperature check or asking a series of questions. The Questionnaire Framework and the Activity Guide Composer Framework presented below can serve as a quick solution accessed via employee self-service.   

Please note: Each customer should work with its legal and healthcare teams to determine the exact questions to ask, how to store the data, and the security approach to be taken. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a great article on Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Functional staffers can complete most steps, but having a technical team member assist with the activity guide setup and tile creation can speed up the process.

This is just a sample of what can be accomplished. I built a simple questionnaire with only four questions, a tile for the employee to easily get to the questionnaire, and a query so the administrator can see the answers.

Step 1 is to build your Questionnaire by creating your Questionnaire Category and Questionnaire. The Questionnaire uses an activity guide to walk you through the process and is very functionally driven. Create your user instructions, and questions with answers, format, preview your questions and activate the questionnaire. If needed, here is a short video on Questionnaire Framework.

When I build my query, I will be looking for “correct” answers to the questions, so I have marked the answers based on my expectations. I can also add points to the answers to make querying easier by looking for a low score.  

In Step 2, connect your questionnaire to an Activity Guide. This part is a bit more technical. Luckily, I had a developer assist me with the techy pieces.  Create your Activity Guide Category and each of the associated steps.  The Spotlight Video on Activity Guides is a helpful resource for both step 2 and 3. 

Adding a context data field for Effective Date allows us to provide a survey daily. 

My Developer also created an Action button for Exit and post processing PeopleCode for the Summary Step so that the employee can complete the survey and transfer seamlessly back to the Employee Self Service Home page.

Step 3 is defining how the activity guide will look to the employee.  Do you want an introduction step, an acknowledgement, a series of questions, or other steps in your activity guide?  Again, I am building a simple four question survey so the employee can get in and out quickly but you can be as elaborate as you want. The majority of the setup in the Activity Guide Composer is functional and the Activity Guide Composer walks you through each step.

Step 4 is creating a special tile that the employee can easily find on the Employee Self Service page and publishing it. My Developer created an application package class and method that will start my activity guide without the user having to enter any data. For example, it derives information like Employee Id from the User Id. I then added an image and published the tile.