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COVID-19-Related Update for PeopleSoft Inventory and Mobile Inventory Express Issue to Employee

June Yee
Product Strategy Manager


The COVID-19 crisis has left many healthcare organizations in short supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), because their regular suppliers are unable or are slow in fulfilling their purchasing requirements.  Consequently, many organizations desire more and better controls over the issuing and dispersal of their available on-hand quantity.

In the past, PPE was readily available in supply closets and stations throughout the facility.  However, because of short supplies, many facilities have decided to track the issuance of PPE to an individual employee rather than to a location or Storage Area.

We were asked to create a “Quick Issue to Employee” transaction to address this need.  The transaction needed to be quick and simple and completed in under a minute .  Also, since users filling out the quick issue transaction may be employees re-deployed from other areas of the facility,  the PPE needed to be done with a minimum number of user prompts.

For this solution, we employed the Page and Field Configurator Tool to create a streamlined page that prompts for a minimum of three pieces of information to complete a the transaction.   

After setting up an initial set of defaults and configuring the template for their purposes, organizations can roll out this transaction to first-time users with minimum training and minimum margin for error.

The page below shows the minimum fields you need to enter on the Express Issues page to Issue to Employee:


This solution is also available using Mobile Inventory’s Express Issue transaction:


How do I get this solution?

To adopt this solution, your system administrator will need to set up several defaults to populate fields on the Express Issue page automatically, allowing a user to fill in just the minimum pieces of information to complete the transaction.

You will also need to setup the Express Issue page to use the Page and Field Configurator tool.

For complete setup, configuration, and installation instructions, contact Oracle Support and request Patch #31204070.

For more information, see COVID-19 Updates for PeopleSoft and Oracle's commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis.