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COVID-19-Related Updates for PeopleSoft Purchasing Customers: High Priority Indicator Enhancements

June Yee
Product Strategy Manager


High Priority Indicator Enhancements

We’ve made a few enhancements to help manage your Procurement and Inventory challenges.  These changes support your increased demands to control the supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


Mark PO as High Priority for Approval

We’ve added a new priority field to the Purchase Order.  This enhancement allows you to prioritize Purchase Orders as High, Medium or Low priority:


The priority you set on the purchase order will appear on your approver’s Pending Approvals page:


A new filter option allows approvers to filter their pending approval list, so the high priority PO’s are approved in a timely manner: 

Instructions on how to obtain these changes are in Oracle Support Doc ID 2653214.1.


Pass Priority from Requisition to PO

This enhancement will enable the priority you’ve set on the Requisition to pass automatically to the Purchase Order. 

Requesters set the priority for the requisition on the Checkout page as shown in the image above.  Please note that this is a pre-existing field on Checkout.  With the new enhancement, the priority value you set automatically flows through to the Purchase Order.

This enhancement is available via Oracle Support Patch 31177265.

For more information, see COVID-19 Updates for PeopleSoft and Oracle's commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis.