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COVID-19-Related Update for PeopleSoft Inventory: Improve tracking and visibility of Serial Number, Lot, Lot Expiration Date

Charlotte Jorgenson
Senior Director, Product Strategy

With the imminent release of a supply of COVID-19 vaccines, PeopleSoft Healthcare customers need to closely manage the handling and distribution of the supply they will receive.  Many organizations let us know they desire more and better controls over the tracking, visibility, and management of the vaccine, especially since special storage conditions are required.

After discussions with our key Healthcare customers and understanding what they need as enhancements to our current Serial and Lot Control functionality, we have incorporated the priority requirements into our Inventory module where Serial Numbers, Lot ID’s and Expiration Dates are key for visibility and processing. We are providing enhanced searches where users may search for an Item using the Lot or Serial Control flag.

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Where there is a field prompting for 'Lot ID', users have the option of searching for a Lot by various date availability and expiration options with the ability to search the results by latest or oldest date for FIFO distribution.  Both Lot Availability and Expiration Date are now displayed in the results list. We’ve also enhanced key Inventory Inbound and Outbound transactions with this enhanced Lot selection and Expiration Date visibility.

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Because it is an important shipment document to accompany movement of Items between locations, we’ve enhanced the Packing List document to display more detailed information for each shipment line. This information includes the Storage Rule, Temperature and Humidity requirements, Serial Number, Manufacturer and Manufacturer ID, and a listing of the source Lot ID and Expiration Date for each fulfillment quantity.


What’s coming next?

We also plan to provide additional functionality around searching for Lot and Serial controlled Items, Lot and Lot Expiration Date visibility in the Mobile Inventory Management module for key Inbound and Outbound transactions and Inquiries.

Further searching capabilities and visibility of Lot and Lot Expiration Dates are planned for more of the Inventory components and reports. We also plan to provide Keyword searches for Items on selected pages using Elastic Search. With this capability, you have the option of leveraging your Item Master user-defined-fields as part of your search criteria. For these future capabilities, please check the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog to see when this group of additional enhancements will be available.


How do I get this solution?

To get the enhancements for Lot and Lot Expiration Visibility on key Inbound and Outbound Inventory transactions, and searching for Item ID’s by Lot and Serial Control flags, please contact Oracle Support and request Patch #32244422

To get the enhancement for changes to the Packing List Report, please contact Oracle Support and request Patch #32256233


For more information, see COVID-19 Updates for PeopleSoft and Oracle's commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis.