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Announcing the Availability of the Guided Personnel Actions for U.S.Federal

Venkatesh Kotikalapudi
Senior Principal Product Manager - Product Strategy

Entering Personnel Actions, Approving Personnel Actions and eventually maintaining Personnel Actions is a complex business process for the HR Personnel Action Processors (HR Administrators) of U.S. Federal agencies.  The business process typically involves creating a Personnel Action Request (PAR), ensuring the details entered are compliant with CPDF (Central Personnel Data File) rules required by U.S.Office of Personnel Management, routing the validated request through multiple levels of HR Administrative approvals, and finalizing the changes to be maintained in the system.  Moreover, PAR approvers need insight into what other Personnel Actions have been entered for the employee and if there are any CPDF Edit errors that could not be addressed before submitting the PAR. 

Oracle PeopleSoft has delivered a simplified, intuitive, guided, Fluid-based application for HR Administrators to manage the PAR process.  With Guided Personnel Actions for U.S.Federal, delivered in PeopleSoft HCM PUM Image 24, U.S. Federal Agencies are now able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Productivity for HR Administrators

  • Review summary of Personnel Actions entered for an employee.

Personnel Actions Summary Page

  • Minimize user errors by increasing focus on the transaction with ability to hide and unhide page fields and overall pages in Federal Job Data. The feature leverages the Enterprise Components Page and Field Configuration framework.

  • Enter Personnel Actions using an easy to use, guided process that displays sequential steps to users.

  • Review a summary of changes entered using a Transaction Summary page.

  • For retroactive Personnel Actions, a new step 'PAR for Review' is enabled to review higher dated rows and mark all higher dated rows as reviewed.

2. Leverage the best of PeopleSoft Approvals Technology

  • Implementation of the highly configurable Approvals Workflow Engine (AWE) and Fluid Approvals.

  • AWE replaces the previous U.S. Federal workflow thereby reducing the need for customizations.

3. Enhanced Decision Making for HR Administrators

  • Agencies are able to make better use of screen real estate by using the ‘Related Information’ area for assistance or training.

  • Enable useful information like analytics, chat, policy document links and online newsletters under ‘Related Information’ area.

Overall, the Guided Personnel Actions feature for U.S.Federal, makes the process of entering Personnel Actions, simple, intuitive and more powerful!

For More Information, Refer to Below Links:

  1. Link to download the project: MoS Link to Guided Personnel Actions Project

  2. Link to Image Highlights Video (Refer Feature-5): HCM PUM#24 Image Highlights Video 

  3. Link to PeopleBooks: PeopleBooks for Creating Personnel Actions Using Fluid

  4. Link to Functional Transfer of Information (Click Link, Click Enroll, Click Play Replay/Mobile): MOS Link to Functional TOI for Guided Personnel Action Feature 


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  • Kyle Alverson Tuesday, November 27, 2018
    Kudos to the author who has succinctly captured the benefits of Guided PAR. I wondered what results I'd get if I Googled a search on the benefits of Guided PAR and was pleasantly surprised when I found this information in your blog.
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