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Announcing Availability of Fluid Position Management in HCM Image 29

Venkatesh Kotikalapudi
Senior Principal Product Manager - Product Strategy

Fluid Position Management

PeopleSoft Position Management helps organizations structure their human resources system by position rather than by job. In many organizations, employees share a single job code even though they may perform the job in different departments, locations, or business units. The majority of PeopleSoft customers leverage position management to define positions for all the various combinations possible, tie budgets directly to positions where necessary, and ultimately provide greater insight into the HR organizational and cost structures.

PeopleSoft Position Management helps you achieve this goal by supporting either Full Position Management (all jobs require positions) or Partial Position Management (only some jobs require positions).

In HCM 9.2 Image 29, the Position Management business process is enhanced with the following capabilities:

  • Ability to effective sequence position rows

  • A new Position Management dashboard specifically for HR administrators

  • Configurable and Enhanced Position Search

  • Fluid based, simplified, guided process for creating and updating positions

Effective Sequencing: Position administrators can now use the Effective Sequencing functionality with Fluid Position Management. When a new effective dated record is added in Position Data, an effective sequence of zero is assigned automatically. When another record of the same effective date is added, the Effective Sequence field is auto incremented to one, and helps track multiple changes on the same date more effectively.

Experience Enhanced Navigation: A new dashboard is now available that groups most frequently used Position Management functions.  Two new tiles have been added.  The ‘Manage Position’ tile is used to add and update position data.  The ‘Position Administration’ tile will navigate to a collection of other commonly used position management tasks.

Enhanced Fluid Position Search: In addition to the search results fields currently available, the new Fluid Search Page includes new search results columns like Company, Current Headcount which provides better insight of a position to an Administrator while reviewing search results. You can configure Search Filters and use the pre-configured filters like Company, Business Unit, Department, Location and Status. You can also add new Positions using the ‘Add’ button available on the page.

View Quick Summary of Position History and Take Actions – All on a Single Page:  When Position Administrators want to review or update an existing Position, the Position Details page will provide a summary of position history and the ability to take actions such as add a new record, correct, delete or view an existing record, or clone from the position to create another position.  Position Details is a one stop page for an Administrator to review a position and take required actions.  

Optimize Data Entry: Data entry can be optimized using configuration settings which will minimize errors and help Position Administrators be more productive with managing positions.  For example, you may now leverage a configuration to hide steps and/or fields in the guided process based on the reason used for creating a position or updating an existing position. In the guided process, you can now benefit from the new Review and Submit step, which allows you to review the new or updated position details before finalizing the changes or submitting requests for approvals. There is even a View Position link under Related information that references position information not enabled for data entry, including access to a history of changes made. 

Approvals:  Whenever a new position is created or an existing position is updated, you can now enable approvals so that the change is approved by one or many approvers before they take a effect.  There are two new, separate approval process definitions delivered, one to create a position and another to manage an existing position. The create position definition can be used when a new position or cloned position request requires approval while the manage position definition is used when changes to an existing position requires approval.

Visit our PeopleSoft YouTube channel to view the HCM Image 29 highlights video and watch the Fluid Position Management VFO for a more in depth video feature overview of the new feature.

  • Click the following link to view: HCM Image 29 Highlights Video

  • Play the following video to watch Fluid Position Management Video Feature Overview:

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