Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

One year before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

One year later, the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be hold in the National Stadium--Bird's Nest.

Jul. 13th, 2007 is a special day, especially when Samaranch made the announcement that Beijing will be the host for the 2008 Olympic Games. I was at Haikou city, Hainan province at that time, watching the TV live broadcast with some friends and cheering for this.

It's really a great honor for Beijing to have this opportunity to be the host. Things here have changed a lot based on my 9 years experience in Beijing, and that's also true for some other cities. More and more communication is happening everyday between China and the other countries. I benefit from this change since I graduated from the college and get more chances to meet with some foreign friends:-)

2008 is coming. Welcome to Beijing! Welcome to China!

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

A wonderful day--Mozilla visit

The Mozilla visit to Sun Beijing office is really a nice event. The schedule is in the previous post. Following are some writeup about the wonderful day, with part of John Rice's summary included.

Thanks Sin-Yaw Wang(VP, Sun ERI site leader) for providing the Welcome session. Sin-Yaw gave an introduction of Sun ERI, especially the Sun Beijing Browser team.

Mike followed with a very interesting overview of Firefox, the current status and where it's going. Firefox adoption is at over 100 million users! And it keeps climbing higher and higher everyday. Tab browsing changed the life for users to surf the web. Then how about Firefox 3.0? Lots of interesting things happening in Firefox 3, such as Reflow Refactoring, Places, Offline application support, cairo, APNG... Mozilla 2 is underway to completely revamp the platform and will act as the basis for future releases of Firefox. It'll include a new version of JavaScript engine--Tamarin, based on the flash VM from Adobe--with many of the language features familiar to Java users to help support production of large scale Web 2.0 apps. The VM overview is available here. It's a browser war towards more open sourcing in the future. BTW, the Firefox flicks are really interesting:-)

Emily, Dave and I gave an overview of the Sun Browser team (developers, QE and RE) covering all of the work we are doing in developing to head with Firefox, porting of Flash 9/Breakpad onto Solaris, A11Y support, Bugday/Testday, test automation based on LDTP/Dogtail/Orca and Tinderbox support for Solaris. The Flash 9 for Solaris is in the beta release phase and will be finally released in the next several month. Breakpad is an ongoing project in the Mozilla community. It's an open source crash reporting tool to replace the current one--talkback.

Li Gong described to us what exactly Mozilla China is all about. The Chinese name for Mozilla China is "Mou Zhi"谋智(Seeking wisdom). It's clear that to be successful in China, there needs a local presence and an understanding of what unique features the product must provide to be successful in China. This is born out in both the Search engine and IM market in China where the world leaders, Google and Microsoft are only poor seconds in to local Chinese firms, and QQ. There are a lot of opportunities for Sun ERI and Mozilla China to work together to really help Firefox shine in the Chinese market.

After lunch, we went to visit the Mozilla China office. It's still under decoration and Johnny took some pictures there. If the weather is good, you can see the Summer Palace from the office. It's wonderful, isn't it? The Google's office is just in the next building across the street. And, Sun and MS's office are also nearby.

John gave a presentation on the Mozilla Dtrace framework and some of the sample probes we have integrated, both in the layout engine and the Javascript engine. To compare with the last time when John Lilly/Chris Beard/Gen were here, the DTrace demo was added to the session and it's absolutely much more interesting. Lots of feedback, with some clear directions on next steps and areas that we could help both in Firefox performance, testing and beyond into Web 2.0 development with DTrace. You can go to the Mozilla DTrace community to get more information. And several guys from Sun will visit Mountain View to give the demo to a broader audience. Please stay tune.

Johnny gave us a very useful overview of the Mozilla platform. Especially, the description of what happens during a load URI could be a use case for Mozilla DTrace. There are some useful videos that we should chase up on Mozilla Developer center. Johnny also described the new CycleCollector which will be used to help GC stale references across Javascript and XPCOM.

The dinner was at Peking Duck Restaurant(全聚德), built in 1864. The Duck serviced to us was about the no. 115 million. Hrmm, almost the same as Firefox users:-)

That's the day. Thanks for your coming! Hope that more and more Mozilla developers can visit Beijing, and China can host some Firefox developer conference in the future.

UPDATE: Related blog post from Mike Schroepfer and Li Gong


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