The impression of Firefox summit 2006(1)

To celebrate the launch of Firefox2.0, Mozilla foundation held the Firefox summit 2006 at Mountain View office, the headquarter near Google office. As I know, this is the second time that this summit is held. It's great that I can have such a chance to be here, get to know some guys who I only know the nickname from the IRC channel or the bugzilla. To share some idea with some other guys who can't be here, I'd like to draft some stuff in the following days. Hope it helpful.

The first activity was the welcome session last night. We took the shuttle bus at hotel to the the HQ of mozilla foundation. We arrived Building K after about half an hour's drive. The session took place in the first floor for the office. Actully, that's the place for people to have some fun and discuss some technical problems. Lots of people went there and chatted with each other. There are free food and drink, racing car game with projector, billiards, similar sofa as in "friends", different styles of chairs for people to sit casually. Since people have wireless connection to the internet, it's convenient for them to sit everywhere and work.

Since it's the first time to be here and meet with so many "legendary" guys, I'm a little bit nervous at first. And it's not easy to find some guys to talk because we don't recognize anybody over here, only the nickname in the irc channel. Anyway, people here are nice. Pavlov, roc, timeless, biesi. Guys from different parts of the world and different companies.

Pavlov has been with community for about 8 years and now is working on Firefox cairo stuff. Since cairo is an important library for Firefox3.0, our talk focused on this area. We discussed the system library and the mozilla owned library problem. It's a good news that the mozilla owned library will take the latest version of cairo and they almost don't have separated patches. About the performance issue, roc is helping him do some i18n work. It seems to be the main reason for the performance downgrade during the text rendering process. Roc also gave us some small demo, which is very cool stuff and still under development.

Actually I didn't talk with timeless so much. But he is really a famous guy I think cause he is so active in the IRC channel. He may be the only person I know about that has OpenSolaris user experience in all the developers in the community.

Roc, a senior guy from Novell, superreviewer in the community, gave me a deep impression. It's cold here in the city, and he is still in a summer suit:-0 It's really great that I can talk with him face to face cause he helps me a lot on the work in the community(And he also helped us review lots of accessibility patches). I've also got some background about him during the talk. He studied in US for his Ph.D and worked for IBM for 3.5 years. After that, he joined Novell, focusing on the Firefox development, the text and graphic rendering stuff, and also Gnome integration with Firefox like offline auto detection. Now he has returned back to New Zealand to work remotely. Some Solaris and Linux common shipping problems were the area we discussed. It's like a nightmare also for them to make all the packages work together and fix all the critical bugs. As for the Tier-1 problem, his suggestion was that we should try to put Solaris tinderbox to the main page for the community tinderbox website. With that, the community engineers will keep the tree green after every patch commits. We'll try to figure out what else we should do to make that happen in the meeting with the community next week. By the way, I'm really glad to know that roc has certain connection with China. His wife is a Chinese actually.

So that's almost the impression for the first day. It's pretty exciting!


Go Go Go, alfred, willing to hear more stories.

Posted by halton on November 17, 2006 at 02:43 AM CST #

good...when will you be back? hmm I have not figured out anything I really want.

Posted by dipplum on November 18, 2006 at 10:40 AM CST #

Heh, I've never seen roc in long trousers before, so indeed, that struck me too. I guess that says something about the climate in New Zealand.

Posted by Martijn on November 22, 2006 at 11:25 AM CST #

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