The download and get involved page for OpenSolaris Mozilla-based projects is online

The download and get involved page for OpenSolaris Mozilla-based projects is online. This page highlights all the latest contributed builds (Firefox/Thunderbird etc.) come from Sun Beijing Desktop team and community contributions, and how to get involved in the Mozilla related development on OpenSolaris platform.

Any help will be appreciated:
1. Please review the page and report anything wrong or missing, or anything you advice us to include, to desktop dash discuss at opensolaris dot org.
2. Please try your best to download the contributed builds (tarball format) from the links on this page instead of grabbing from the contrib directory directly. This is VERY IMPORTANT for us to get the download number statistic from Mozilla and be part of the possible future "Firefox/Thunderbird download day".
3. Feel free to join the Mozilla developers/QEs to improve the Mozilla-based projects on OpenSolaris. Any bug reports/fixes, feature enhancement request are welcomed. Mozilla development/nightly builds, Mozilla bugzilla, Tinderbox trees, Mozilla Litmus etc. will be your friends.
4. Any interests in porting Mozilla-based projects to OpenSolaris, please feel free to take the ownership and notify us. Some potential projects have been listed in the page. The binaries can be linked on this page when available.
5. Please recommend the add-ons you like and they could be included on the page as well. For example, Weave 0.3 is just released, which can help sync the bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and histories across multiple browsers. This add-on must be helpful for many guys. Gary ported it to OpenSolaris x86 recently and it works fine on my OpenSolaris box (Thanks for the contribution, Gary!).

If you're interested in OpenSolaris or Mozilla (better both :-) ), please don't hesitate to join us!


The page looks great! Nice work! (and thanks for listing the Songbird wiki page there too :-))

Posted by stevel on April 08, 2009 at 05:11 AM CST #

Alfred, nice job as usual. I have some questions you might be able to comment on:

1) is the firefox version here the exact same one (version matches) as the one in the pkg dev-repository? If so, can you collect download numbers from both? (if not, does it make sense to create a separate repository to match the work you guys are doing here? or something like that? Its clearly a valuable service, and if people are consuming it by way of pkg install, we want to count those users too.

2) I can't get weave to work for me on open/svn_111. Crypto error... have you seen that error before? (login etc. appears to work just fine... just dies when you try to sync)

2009-04-11 17:22:47 Service.Main DEBUG
2009-04-11 17:22:47 Service.Main DEBUG Caught exception: Can't sync: Weave is disabled
2009-04-11 17:22:47 Service.Main DEBUG Event: weave:service:sync:error
2009-04-11 17:22:46 Service.Main CONFIG Weave scheduler disabled: Weave is disabled
2009-04-11 17:22:46 Service.Main DEBUG Event: weave:service:sync:start

Posted by guest on April 11, 2009 at 10:26 PM CST #

Appreciate all the builds you are doing. Would be nice if there was an appropriate Lightning build for the Thunderbird 3.0 betas, tho :)

Posted by Tom Servo on April 12, 2009 at 03:59 PM CST #

@, Thanks for the feedback.

1) The builds here include all the latest official milestones for Firefox/Thunderbird. The latest ones in pkg dev repository are Firefox 3.1b3/Thunderbird 2.0.0.x. So they are not exactly the same. Hopefully, a Mozilla pkg repository could be setup somewhere to host all the relevant Mozilla-based projects ultimately, just like what Ubuntu does: However, I think this depends on the "Personal package archives" mechanism so that every contributors can host/maintain their own repositoris. Could Source Jucier ( be the solution for this? I'm not sure.

As for the download count, It'll be wonderful if we can accumulate the number from Mozilla and pkg. Does pkg provide this feature, to get the download number for each package? Or the image update as a whole? Personally, I think the current delivery model for OpenSolaris doesn't fit perfectly to the open source development, especially for the desktop development. The packages can't be updated to the latest release in a timely fashion. That means sometimes the users are exposed to security issues. Actually, this is the main reason the Firefox/Thunderbird contributed builds are provided. The users, including Solaris 10 users, can always get the security update by using the contributed builds.

2) Weave 0.3 works good on my OpenSolaris 2009.06 box with b111. Please note that it requires Firefox 3.1b3. BTW, does it work with a fresh new Firefox profile?

Posted by alfred on April 13, 2009 at 07:13 AM CST #

@Tom, the Lightning 1.0pre build has been included in Thunderbird 3.0 beta already.

Posted by alfred on April 13, 2009 at 07:16 AM CST #

Hmm really? The addons dialog still claims 0.9. Probably an old copy interfering, I'll be looking. Thanks.

Posted by Tom Servo on April 14, 2009 at 06:03 PM CST #

Yea indeed. There was a local copy buried in ~/.thunderbird/.

Posted by Tom Servo on April 14, 2009 at 06:04 PM CST #

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