Wednesday May 21, 2008

The rotation to SE group

I've rotated to SE(System Engineering) team for about a week now(So might response slowly these days). It's pretty impressive that the engineers here have the direct high pressure from the customers and how to make revenue. To compare with that, software engineers, focus more on software development and how to get involved into open source community.

The rotation program between ERI(Engineering and Research Institute) and SE team is a special program provided by Sun China. Engineers from these two divisions can rotate to the other side. The benefit for software engineers I think is to build up a better idea on how the customers feel about our products, how the company(Sun) operates, collaborates among 4-S(Software, System, Storage and Service) groups and makes money. That gives us a big picture for the company as a whole.

No matter which group you are, communication is still the most important thing for a big bunch of people to share the ideas. The courage to communicate can reveal the problem hidden inside somewhere and fix it. It can definitely help run the team in an efficient way. I believe that's also true for the open source community.

Monday May 19, 2008

China stands in silent tribute

2:28pm May 19th, exactly one week after the Sichuan earthquake, the whole country stands in silent tribute for three minutes, car horns and sirens everywhere.

May those who left us rest in peace.

May those who are still struggling with death safe.

Sichuan, fighting! China, fighting!!

Jonathan, thanks for the post.

Thursday Nov 01, 2007

Surgery next Monday

I'll take the knee surgery next Monday and be not available after that for several weeks.

Sunday Oct 21, 2007

Knee surgery

The doctor's diagnose shows that the front cross ligament of my right knee was heavily damaged in the basketball game last month and a knee surgery is needed to fix this in two weeks. I'll be in sick leave for several weeks due to the surgery, with limited access to the network.

Watched an NBA preseason game this morning: Houston Rockets vs Seattle Sonics(117-94). The Rockets seems to be much stronger this year. Especially, Luis Scola played a great game today and made the Rockets on paper deep enough to compete with anyone in the West. He becomes the solution at power forward, the biggest defect for Rockets previously.

Look forward to the upcoming NBA season.

Saturday Oct 13, 2007

Get back online finally

It's a little bit hard to get on line these days. The travel is great till now. Las Vegas is really a special city for entertainment. The CEC conference was also nice, with lots of sessions from different divisions of Sun, and around 4000 people joined this event, including some vendors(I'll blog about the detail later on). I finally met with Glenn in Vegas, which is pretty exciting! BTW, the security Glenn gave was wonderful.

One great thing happened recently is that the Mozilla DTrace Framework was checked in to the Firefox trunk code, by Johnny Stenback on Oct. 10th. Thanks very much, Johnny. Some other works are still going on to make better usage of DTrace in the Mozilla development, such as the URI probes and the Javascript probes. If there are some specific probes you want to add to Mozilla code, just go ahead and do it:-)

Wednesday Sep 26, 2007

Knee hurts

It's so sad that my right knee was hurt last Friday in a basketball game. I can't unbend my right leg now and it seems that the ligament was damaged a little bit. I had to walk away from basketball for a long time...

However, the NBA season is coming. I can still watch the game.

Wednesday Aug 08, 2007

One year before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

One year later, the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will be hold in the National Stadium--Bird's Nest.

Jul. 13th, 2007 is a special day, especially when Samaranch made the announcement that Beijing will be the host for the 2008 Olympic Games. I was at Haikou city, Hainan province at that time, watching the TV live broadcast with some friends and cheering for this.

It's really a great honor for Beijing to have this opportunity to be the host. Things here have changed a lot based on my 9 years experience in Beijing, and that's also true for some other cities. More and more communication is happening everyday between China and the other countries. I benefit from this change since I graduated from the college and get more chances to meet with some foreign friends:-)

2008 is coming. Welcome to Beijing! Welcome to China!

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

The trip to some cities in China

During the last one to two weeks, I was on an vacation. It was a long journey and it seems that summer holiday came back to my life after the graduation from college. I went to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Shanghai, and then back to Beijing. Actually the trip to HK was a real travel. For other cities, to get together with some old friends in high school and college was the main purpose.

It's my first time to HK and the trip was really wonderful. Most of the people in my age, including me, have watched a lot of HK movie and love them. Lots of things have stamped in my memory: the Xiangjiang River, the beautiful sight along the river, the cable car to the peek of the Taiping Mountain, the night landscape of the whole HK from the peek, the Victoria Harbour, the Ocean Park, the delicious food and also, the shopping paradise.

Some other cities are also impressive. It's exciting to meet with friends everywhere.

Then what is the next destination? 

Saturday Jun 30, 2007

10th anniversary for Hong Kong's return back to China

10 years, a long period of time for my life and a small step for the history.

Today is the day of 10th anniversary for Hong Kong's return back to China. 10 years ago, I watched the Live broadcast of the return on TV and it was really exciting to see the Chinese National flag rising up in Hong Kong. I was a student in high school at Wuhan city at that time. 10 years later, it's still exciting to watch some video records on TV again and I've been staying in Beijing for about 9 years.

Then how about the next 10 years? 

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

Halton's wedding

Halton's wedding in ShanXi was really great. And congratulations to Halton and ningning:-)

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Monday Sep 18, 2006

X-man: The last stand



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