Thursday Aug 27, 2009

I'm leaving Sun

Today is my last working day at Sun. It's the hardest decision I've ever made that I'm leaving Sun. It's really difficult to send this message to all of you.

In the past 5+ years, it has been a pleasure for me to work with many of you. I enjoyed working in such a great company, with talented people here. Thanks a lot for your help and support.

As I'll be working for the company which works on Songbird, I'll be still around in the OpenSolaris community. And OpenSolaris will still be my development platform. I'll be still in the Mozilla community as Songbird is built on top of Mozilla's XULRunner platform.

If you have a chance to go to Singapore, please do let me know.

I've just set up a new blog at: Let's keep in touch.


Monday Dec 31, 2007

Happy new year

The new year 2008 is coming to us. Wish every one a happy and healthy new year! Welcome to the Beijing 2008 Olympics!

  恭  喜 发 财, 万  事  如 意

 Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi

Wish you make lots of money and every thing you want can become true! 

Monday Dec 10, 2007

Get back home for one month

It has been one month since I came back home from the hospital. And everything goes fine. I can walk without the help of crutch now, although it's still not so stable.

It's just painful to do the physical exercises everyday, especially to bend the knee with force. However, I've made some progress and the knee can be bent to about 130 degree. On the other side, to strengthen the muscle is also important. That's the basis for the next steps such as walking, running and even get back to the basketball court.

It's snow today, the first snow in Beijing this year.

Thursday Nov 15, 2007

The surgery went fine

I've already came back home from the hospital for several days. In the following several weeks, I'll do some exercises to recover as the doctor told.

The surgery last for about 2 hours and it went fine. It's a weird feeling that I couldn't feel my legs during the surgery and also saw everything(ligament, meniscus, bones and also the operations...) inside my knee on a monitor. When the anaesthesia went away, the pain stroke me a lot.

Oh, man! Health is really the most important thing for us. Take care, guys. 

Friday Oct 05, 2007

Three big events

Sun Customer Engineering Conference 2007 will be hold in Las Vegas, Nevada Oct 7-10. CEC is an annual event that delivers quality and critical technical training as well as networking opportunities to the customer facing engineering community at Sun. The event is highly technical with several hundred break-out sessions and tracks.

OpenSolaris Summit: it's the first time that OpenSolaris community organizes such big event for all the community contributors to meet with each other, especially to plan the next release of Project Indiana.

Sun's Open Source Summit: October 15-16. Leverage Sun's expertise and enrich Sun's internal community.

Sunday Jun 10, 2007

The Solaris talk in Tianjin University

Thursday night, a Solaris talk was given in Tianjin University for the OpenSolaris programming contest. The event was hold in the Tianjin University students' activity center, about fifth students showed up. John Rice and I presented the Solaris features to them.

As I traveled to Tianjin a lot, I had some great memory in Tianjin University. It's pretty exciting to be there again. Tianjin University is beautiful during the sunset. It's comfortable to walk along the lake with the breeze passing by. Some people were even fishing there.

It only takes 70min for the D-class train from Beijing to Tianjin. John and I arrived at the center at about 6:30pm. And the talk began at 7:00pm. Jason gave the introduction of the Sun's culture and technologies first. The students are familiar with Java, but not Solaris. All of them uses Windows, a few of them are with Linux. Most of them know about Firefox.

Since Java is well-known among the students, John demoed the usage of the Netbeans. Although I don't program with Java so much, I can see that the IDE is really convenient and easy-to-use for the Java developers. Then I introduced the Solaris features in Chinese, including JDS/DTrace/Virtualization/ZFS/Developer Tools, and also talked about the OpenSolaris community. DTrace/ZFS will be bundled in Mac OS 10.5(leopard). During the demo session, SunStudio 12 was the focus to help students to join the programming contest. This IDE has beautiful GUI interface. It integrates some tools such as the parallel computing, memory leak checking and profiling. All of them are easy to configure and use. I made several demos about these features. John used DTrace to trace the resource usage of "gnome-system-monitor", which is really a nice demo.

After the demo, we had a talk with a guy from Baidu. He was interested in Solaris and DTrace/ZFS matches his requirement for the server system. We exchanged the contact information. It's great to have this kind of conversation and hope to have further discussion later.

Goubuli is one famous food in Tianin. John and I went to the head restaurant together and had a lunch there. It's yummy! There will be some pictures from John about the Baozi:-)

Thursday May 10, 2007

Is your Google the same as mine?

I found that my Google is different today. The snapshot is like this:

Google picture

There is a separate column on the left side which is almost the same with the one above the search text area.

 Anyone else sees this?

Monday Apr 23, 2007

The JDS talks in ISCAS

Last Friday night, our team gave several talks about Solaris/JDS(Java Desktop System) in ISCAS(Institute School, Chinese Academy of Science), the top research institute in China, and about 70 students and developers joined this event. All the talks were put forward on OpenSolaris platform. One big problem is the connection between OpenSolaris platform and the projector, especially when we wanted to demo some cool features about JDS and had to switch among laptops. Anyway, it turned out to be a successful one.

The talk started at about 6:45pm. The keynote was given by Paul Mei, the manager for the JDS QE team. It's an introduction about the whole JDS, the applications and features. Then the demo section lead by Dave Lin. He introduced some applications to the users, such as Firefox/Evolution/PalmSync and automatic tests based on LDTP. The most attractive one was the Compiz demoed by Chris Wang and it's really fantastic :-) Due to the connection issue with the projector, we didn't demo all the aspects of JDS. But it's still great.

The second talk was a general one about the Sun technologies(DTrace/Zone/Self Healing) and Sun's contribution to the open source community. The speaker was Ganesh Hiregoudar, one engineer from India, University program manager of IEC.

I made the third talk which introduced the Mozilla community to the students, Sun's work in the community and how to contribute, and develop on the OpenSolaris platform. Almost half of the students have the user experience of Firefox, some of them are really interested in this and would like to join. Emily Chen gave the talk about the Firefox/Thunderbird Litmus test for OpenSolaris and how to be a test star. Dave's talk was about how to build JDS from scratch by using CBE. And Simon Zheng's topic was the introduction of hal/dbus.

The whole talks last for about three hours and most of the students stayed through all the sections.
Lots of students raised their questions after the talks.

Q: What's the advantage of the JDS to compare with Windows desktop environment?

A: Firstly, the JDS environment provides a full set of applications and IDE to the users and it's competent. At the same time, it's convenience for the developers to use OpenSolaris/JDS. Almost everything is ready when the SDX is installed.

Q: What's the relationship between JDS and Java?

A: To include the name Java in JDS is more a advertising as Java is famous in the software industry

Q: There are some problems when using Firefox to browse some websites. Some CSS/Javascript can be showed correctly in IE but not Firefox.

A: This issue is more about the open standard. Mozilla community is always devoting itself to the openness and sharing. As more and more users join the Mozilla/Firefox world, it's foreseeable that this problem can be solved in the future. As a Firefox user, we can also send our feedback to some websites when it's possible. That's also a way to push them to rewrite the code.

Q: The Firefox extensions are in the xpi format. Could the extension be used on OpenSolaris?

A: Sure. Mozilla provides a cross-platform environment to develop applications. All the extensions also Inherit this characteristic and it's seamless to install them on OpenSolaris.

Q: Could OpenSolaris be installed on laptop?

A: All the laptops give the talks and the demos are installed with OpenSolaris. It works pretty well on them.

 More introduction/pictures about this event can be found in Joey Guo's blog.

Monday Nov 27, 2006

A busy morning

Just after my post on Nov. 23 here, I set out to the airport. It seemed that everything were in order, but turned out to be messy:-(

On the way to the airport, I found that I didn't have the air ticket with me. It's highly probably that I left it at the hotel. So I drove back and it laid on the desk... On the way to the airport again, the car was a little bit out of gas and I was not sure whether I could drive to the airport. To save time, I decided to take a risk. It's not easy to find the rental car central even with the direction pointers. Anyway, I arrived there without exhausting the gas.

After returning the car and on the air train to the international terminal, I found that I made another stupid mistake -- I didn't return the keys:-( I had to drag all the baggages to the other side of the air train(includes down and up by the stair) and go back to return them. At that same moment, I also found that I was wrong about the flight time. It should be 11:13 and I remembered that it's 11:30.

The check in queue in front of the united airline was really long and the flight was about to leave in one hour. After talking with the lady who's responsible for the check in stuff. It's nice that she agreed to help me and all the other passengers were generous. Before going to the security check place, I wrote all the post card to my friends and put them into the mail box outside of the check in hall.

It's lucky that the security check wasn't crowded this time. I got to my flight gate before it started to get on board and met with Leo there. She was really anxious about my missing.

What a busy morning! Guys, don't make the same mistakes as me the next time you take a flight!

Thursday Nov 23, 2006

The trip comes to an end

I'm setting out to the airport. It's really a nice trip to San Francisco this time, joining the Firefox summit, talking with lots of people in the community, walking around the city, and also shopping a lot:-)

May all you guys have a nice thanksgiving day!

Wednesday Sep 13, 2006


在经历了一年多的沉寂之后,我的blog又要重新开张了。自从MSN的blog莫名其妙的出现无法访问的问题以后,我也放下了偶尔写点东西的习惯,现在想想,是到了该重新捡起来的时候了。MSN blog?发生了上次的事情,我还是真的有点心有余悸;google blog?据说有些地方访问不到;既然我们公司本身就提供blog,为什么不利用起来呢?那么,就从这里重新开始吧。

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