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  • June 16, 2014

Tyrus 1.7

This release cycle was shorter comparing to previous ones and the main purpose was to integrate and align with upper stack projects. Despite that fact there are some new features and bugfixes:

What’s new?

Ondřej added nice feature which allows to limit opened WebSocket sessions. And it is configurable, currently supported scopes of limitations are “per endpoint”, “per client remote address” and “per application”. This should allow effective control of server-side resources. For now, the values are static and constant, but if there will be a demand for creating more advanced session limit support, like dynamic load-balancing among set of endpoints etc, we will provide that as well. Feel free to file an enhancement request if you are interested!

Petr improved monitoring support which was added in Tyrus 1.6 – now there is a possibility to get the information about errors reported to the endpoints. Errors are collected per Exception type thrown, so you might get number of decoding issues, IOExceptions and other custom Throwables used in the endpoint implementation.

Other than that, there were just bugfixes. Two of them are worth mentioning: Tyrus now supports close codes 1012 and 1013 (SERVICE RESTART and TRY AGAIN LATER). Both of these can be returned only from server endpoint. When client side will try to send those, they will be replaced with close code 1000.

And the other bugfix is about SSL/TLS support in Java 7 AIO based client container – the issue manifested when bigger messages were sent from the client to server. The handling was not correct in this case and it could happen that the message was not completely sent.

Complete list of changes

TYRUS-313 Limiting opened connections
TYRUS-319 Bug call EJB from WebSocket
TYRUS-320 When put under heavy load by multiple clients, server throws an exception.
TYRUS-321 tyrus-client incorrectly reports HTTP staus 500 for all non-101 responses
TYRUS-322 Some of session close-codes are not supported
TYRUS-324 Session.close() should close the connection without close reason.
TYRUS-325 Server do not close session properly if non-instantiable endpoint class is provided
TYRUS-326 Expose monitoring statistics about number of @OnError method invocations
TYRUS-327 JDK client container cannot handle “big” messages over SSL/TLS


If you have any feedback, suggestions or improvement requests, please send us a note tousers@tyrus.java.net or create new issue at our JIRA instance.

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