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  • January 16, 2014

Tyrus 1.4

I’m pleased to announce that Tyrus 1.4 was released today. It contains all features mentioned recently on my blog: Extensions support (including compression extensions implementation), shared client container and many other improvements and bug fixes. Binaries will be available on maven central repository soon and Tyrus 1.4 will be integrated into Glassfish trunk.

As always, feel free to contribute! You can file an enhancement or a bug or just ask if there is something unclear in the documentation.

Release notes


  • [TYRUS-136] – org.glassfish.tyrus.server.Server does not stop correctly when DeploymentException is thrown
  • [TYRUS-263] – SSL via HTTP PROXY – wss://echo.websocket.org Handshake error. “Response code was not 101: 200″
  • [TYRUS-269] – Parallel connection to ServerEndpoint with URI template mix up response to client instances …
  • [TYRUS-270] – The title of file README.html of Draw sample is mis-typed from “Draw Sample” to “Chat Sample”
  • [TYRUS-271] – “?null” is added to every request without query params
  • [TYRUS-272] – TyrusServerConfiguration incompatible with jetty’s jsr 356 implementation.
  • [TYRUS-273] – EJB component provider needs to provide method which will be invoked.
  • [TYRUS-275] – Tyrus client has bug causing limitation of # of open web sockets
  • [TYRUS-276] – Session accepts messages after idle timeout (@OnMessage is triggered)
  • [TYRUS-277] – session.setMaxIdleTimeout(0) does not reset/cancel the timeout
  • [TYRUS-280] – Extension parsed does not allow parameter without value
  • [TYRUS-281] – Client does CDI/EJB lookup
  • [TYRUS-282] – Session.setMaxIdleTimeout(..) does not work as expected for negative values
  • [TYRUS-288] – WebSocket connections are automatically closed after 30 idle seconds in standalone mode


  • [TYRUS-56] – content root directory configuration in Server class for static content
  • [TYRUS-160] – Tyrus tests won’t compile with JDK 1.6
  • [TYRUS-183] – UTF8 validation logic should be separated from frame parsing
  • [TYRUS-265] – Improve GrizzlyWriter implementation
  • [TYRUS-266] – Support for WebSocket extensions
  • [TYRUS-268] – In-memory transport for testing / performance analysis

New Features

  • [TYRUS-193] – Support Tyrus with different transports
  • [TYRUS-283] – CompressionExtension (permessage-compression)
  • [TYRUS-286] – Shared client container improvement (stop when there is no open session)
  • [TYRUS-287] – Cannot create non-daemon threads with Tyrus server standalone mode


  • [TYRUS-246] – Investigate and fix issues related to ServletTest#testWebSocketBroadcast
  • [TYRUS-264] – Client SPI

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