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  • October 31, 2013

Tyrus 1.3

I’m pleased to announce that new version of Tyrus was released today. It contains some interesting features, like asynchronous handling of connectToServer method call, optimised broadcast support and lots of stability and performance improvements.

As previously – I will follow with more blog posts about selected features later. Some of them are already described in updated User guide.

Complete list of bugfixes and new features

TYRUS-262: @OnOpen fails for programmatically deployed annotated endpoint.
TYRUS-261: Text decoder disables Binary decoder if both are configured for the same server endpoint; endpoint cannot receive binary messages anymore.
TYRUS-248: Consolidate Extension representation
TYRUS-258: Tyrus always creates HTTP session
TYRUS-251: DecodeException is not passed to @OnError method
TYRUS-252: encoder for primitive types cannot be overridden.
TYRUS-250: Sec-WebSocket-Protocol header cannot be present when there is no negotiated subprotocol
TYRUS-249: WebSocketContainer MaxSessionIdleTimeout is not propagated to Session (server side)
TYRUS-257: Async timeout value set on WebSocketContainer is not propagated to RemoteEndpoints (Session#getAsyncRemote())
TYRUS-253: DecodeException is not passed to @OnError method from session.getAsyncRemote().sendObject
TYRUS-243: WebSocketContainer.connectToServer can block for seconds
TYRUS-227: Build failure : AsyncBinaryTest
TYRUS-226: Tyrus build error : OnCloseTest
TYRUS-247: Make all samples use TestContainer for tests
TYRUS-238: Refactor WebSocketEngine (SPI and Impl)
TYRUS-157: Submitting tasks to an injected ManagedExecutorService in a ServerEndpoint does not work
TYRUS-137: Improve subprotocols/extensions headers parsing
TYRUS-133: Some Broadcast(er) API is needed in order to opmtimize chat-like usecases
TYRUS-245: ServerEndpointConfig#getConfiigurator returns Configurator not used when getNegotiatedExtensions has been called.
TYRUS-240: clean up duplicated static fields (strings)
TYRUS-230: When Session is invalidated, the close reason is not 1006
TYRUS-190: Remove TyrusServetServerContainer (merge with TyrusServerContainer)
TYRUS-65: Implement common utilities for testing
TYRUS-242: Tyrus does not run on JDK8 compact2 profile
TYRUS-237: RemoteEndpoint.Async#sendBinary does not throw IllegalArgumentException when data is null
TYRUS-239: Improve WebSocketEngine ByteBuffer handling
TYRUS-232: Refactor grizzly/servlet container – Tyrus-SPI
TYRUS-235: Fix findbugs errors in tests/servlet
TYRUS-234: Remove support for older protocol version
TYRUS-229: Session#setMaxIdleTimeout() will kill the session whether or not the session actually timed out
TYRUS-225: Invalidation of (Servlet) HttpSession does not invalidate WebSocket Session
TYRUS-153: Static map in TyrusRemotEndpoint
TYRUS-201: Wrong ServletInputStream#isReady() usage in TyrusHttpUpgradeHandler
TYRUS-224: Refactor Connection#write and ConnectionImpl to use CompletionHandler only (no Future)
TYRUS-221: wss:// doesn’t appear to function correctly via a http proxy.
TYRUS-146: Support request from client to secured services (“wss”)
TYRUS-223: Message can be writen multiple times when running on Servlet container

TYRUS-71: ErroCollector not properly used in AnnotatedEndpoint class.

Tyrus 1.3 will be integrated in Glassfish trunk soon – you can download nightly build or upgrade to newer Tyrus manually (replace all Tyrus jars).

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