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  • February 12, 2015

Tyrus 1.10

Tyrus 1.10 is a maintenance relase, so unfortunately no cool new features to highlight, but we were able to add some new examples – Shared collection and BTC Xchange.

Complete list of fixed issues is below. I would like to thank to java.net users “toto2″ and “gray” for their help with GLASSFISH-21213. There is one other issue worth mentioning and that is TYRUS-329. In 1.10 release, Tyrus (after added tests for Per-Message compression) becomes fully compliant with Autobahn Test Suite.

Let me shortly introduce the new samples which were added in this version, just to make this blog post justifiable :).

Shared Collection Sample

In this example I tried to explore one possibility of data sharing between JavaScript client and Java code. The sample name could be misleading, the only implemented collection is a Map, which is backed up by WebSocket connection going back to the server. Both sides do implement “standard” Map, with some added flavour of distributed structures – update listener.

If you want to try it, you can follow the instructions in README.html; the application should present itself with a simple JavaScript based interface to modifying the content of the map. Don’t modify the content right away, open it in another window and observe how fast are changes propagated to other window(s).

BTC Xchange Sample

Another sample which demonstrates simple-to-implement communication with JavaScript code. On the title page you can see the graph, which in this case represents current exchange rate BTC/USD and there are some buy and sell proposals which can be executed. The sample currently allow you to go to “red numbers”, but you can create few simple modifications and make a “game” from that – the sample can be also opened from multiple windows and you can try to compete with someone else; for example, you can make a goal of getting some amount of USD or BTC :)

Complete list of changes

  • [TYRUS-394]  – Proxy bypassed on Linux but not on Windows.
  • [TYRUS-391]  – Tyrus reconnect handler not reached on Android.
  • [TYRUS-393] – Incorrect handling of sending whole message during (unfinished) partial message.
  • [TYRUS-329] – Deflate extension fixes – autobahn test suite.
  • [GLASSFISH-21213] – Deadlock (HttpSession vs TyrusWebSocket).

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