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  • April 2, 2013

Tyrus 1.0-rc1 released

Glassfish HCF is almost here, so is another Tyrus release. This one should be feature complete – that means all features and usecases described in the WebSocket specification (JSR 356) should work. We’ll see how many bugs will be raised after release..

Anyway, new WebSocket API (1.0-rc3) was
released in the meantime, so there are some changes which might affect
existing applications written using Tyrus/WebSocket API.

So let’s start:

  • ServerContainerProvider is gone.
  • ServerEndpointConfig.Configurator#matchesURI is gone
  • Encoder/Decoder.Adapter is gone.

And that’s basically it. There are
additional changes in the spec document, mostly related to wording and
some corner cases, but there is one thing which I want to point out –
WebSocket spec 1.o-rc3 introduces path matching algorithm. See the spec
itself for detailed description, but short summary would be: we got rid
of customizable URI matching and replaced it with “standard” one, which
still allows path templates and solves issue with multiple templates
matching to same path. Additionally, RI (Tyrus) should not allow to
deploy two endpoints with exactly same path templates (in terms of
parsed state, so.. “/foo/bar” and “/foo/{bar}” are different, but
“/foo/{bar}” and “/foo/{baz}” are the same).

Tyrus already implements it, so you can checkout latest Glassfish and try it out or wait for b83.

Other changes in Tyrus itself were
mainly about getting done spec features and some bugfixing (of course).
Latest and more interrestion additions are session timeouts and buffer
size implementations. Also we managed to resolve threading issues on
linux, so if you have experienced them, please try recent Glassfish and
let us know if you still see any issue.

I hope that covers all bigger changes,
but this post is not supposed to be complete list; if you want to see
them all, please check API javadoc and spec document. And as always, you
can always ask us! Tyrus (implementation): users@tyrus.java.net ; API: users@websocket-spec.java.net.

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