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Tyrus 1.1

It might seem like there is not much time passed since Tyrus 1.0 (Java API for WebSocket reference implementation) release, but the fact is it was frozen several weeks before going public and development in the trunk continued. Tyrus 1.1 brings some new features and improvements: client-side proxy support simple command line client various stability/performance fixes (see below for complete list) Individual blog posts about highlighted features will follow, same as related user...

Monday, July 1, 2013 | Read More

Tyrus 1.0

Hi all, Java EE 7 was released last week and lots of new exciting libraries and frameworks with it. One of them is Tyrus 1.0, reference implementation of JSR-356: Java API for WebSocket. Tyrus has new home page (thanks to whole Grizzly team to allow us use their web as a base for ours), user guide and much more. Please check it out on https://tyrus.java.net and let us know what you think on users@tyrus.java.net. We are always open for any suggestions or requests (features,...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 | Read More

Tyrus 1.0 user guide

We published first version of Tyrus user guide (thanks Stepan!) and we are looking for any feedback. I'm pretty sure current version would be sufficient for most of usecases, but there is always room for improvements.  User guide: Single page One page per chapter Feel free to drop us a note about anything you'd expect to find there to users@tyrus.java.net. Thanks!

Friday, June 7, 2013 | Read More

Tyrus 1.0-rc1 released

Glassfish HCF is almost here, so is another Tyrus release. This one should be feature complete – that means all features and usecases described in the WebSocket specification (JSR 356) should work. We’ll see how many bugs will be raised after release.. Anyway, new WebSocket API (1.0-rc3) was released in the meantime, so there are some changes which might affect existing applications written using Tyrus/WebSocket API. So let’s start: ServerContainerProvider is gone. ServerEndpointC...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 | Read More

Tyrus 1.0-b13 released

Tyrus 1.0-b13 is out and it brings new WebSocket API 1.0-rc1, which contains some bigger renames and additions, like the last time. Since it is going to affect almost all code written using previous API, I'll again try to summarize changes to make transition as easy as possible. Renames Original New EndpointConfiguration EndpointConfig ServerEndpointConfiguration ServerEndpointConfig ClientEndpointConfiguration ClientEndpointConfig ServerEndpointConfigurator ServerEndpointConfig.Configur...

Saturday, March 9, 2013 | Read More

Tyrus 1.0-b12 released

This release implements new version of WebSocket API which introduces major renames and even some changes in the way how you can configure advanced behavior. Unfortunately, this will make all related applications written using Tyrus uncompilable and already compiled ones undeployable (when integrated to Glassfish). I'm sure we will receive lots of bugs relates to this change, but all I can do is try to prevent is somehow - for example by writing list ofchanges which you are...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 | Read More

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