Monday Jan 07, 2013

Fine Grained Authorization with OAG11gR2 & OES11gR2

It is a common use-case, when having access to citizen, customer or patient information by numerous users with different roles to allow or deny access to specific piece of information in a very flexible way, meaning, we don't want to implement this policy by the Legacy Record Application

This tutorial explains how an OES obligation  returned to OAG can implement easily this requirement.

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Monday Dec 17, 2012

OEG11gR2 integration with OES11gR2 Authorization with condition

How to deal from an OEG11gR2 policy with OES11gR2 authorization with condition.

Authorization policies come in various flavors. If an authorization policy constitutes only of fixed elements, we can call it a static policy. At design time, by looking at a set of static policies we can be 100% sure of the final authorization decision. Dynamic policies are ones which need some additional piece of information which either varies with time or is present in an external repository. Static policies are easy to understand and computationally more efficient, so we should use static policies as much as possible and rely on dynamic policies only when absolutely necessary.

The Museum use-case demonstrates how to compose OES authorizations with dynamic conditions. 

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Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

OEG integration with OES11g

PREVIEW : How to configure OEG11g to delegate Authentication/Authorization to OES11g.

The "OEG11g + OES11g" virtualbox image is available on

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Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

OEG integration with OAM11g

PREVIEW : This blog entry is the added value of implementing Single Sign On by integrating Oracle Access Manager  (OAM11g) with Oracle Enterprise Gateway (OEG11g - release 

The "OEG11g + OAM11g" virtualbox image is available on

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Wednesday May 25, 2011

StressTest with Oracle Enterprise Gateway Service Explorer

Using StressTest with OEG Service Explorer ...[Read More]

Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g - Misc & tips

This blog entry provides a couple of tips to be successful with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control on Oracle Linux x64 installation.
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Monday Sep 27, 2010

JavaOne HOL S313389 - JavaFX ScubaDiving application dealing with RESTful service and GoogleAPI

I managed a HOL session JavaOne 2010 with my peers Didier Burkhalter and Mark Foster :

How to easily build JavaFX application with RESTful services with Netbeans JavaFX Composer.

The use case is a ScubaDiving discovery JavaFX application able to browse a list of scuba diving spots. Thumbnails images can be displayed with a larger format and graphical attributes (as Opacity) can be managed through a slider. The Geo loc of the scuba diving spots are also available on a Google map with zoom-in and zoom-out effect.

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Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

Getting started with Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1

If you want to speed up your learning curve regarding Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1,  a good reference could be the following book : 

Getting started with Oracle SOA Suite

It is an iterative tutorial that introduces all the elements in the Suite (adapters, Mediator, BPEL Process Manager, Human Workflow, Business Rules, Oracle Service Bus, Business Activity Monitoring, B2B, Enterprise Manager) in a suite of short labs.

[ISBN = 978-1-847199-78-2]

 My 2 cts

Tuesday Jan 26, 2010

Part1 : Preparing a Linux JeOS Appliance for Oracle SOA Fusion11gR1 stack (second publication)

Purpose of this note

This note walks through the process of building a Base Linux VirtualBox  Appliance, based on the JeOS Ubuntu 08-04.3 or JeOSOracle Enterprise Linux Release5 update4. It will be used as the underlying infrastructure in future Notes discussing building Oracle SOA Fusion11gR1 appliances used for learning,  testing or POC purposes. The major advantage of this infrastructure is that, as well as being fully functional, if is free : no license is required.

This note is part of the following serie :

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Part2 : Installing & configuring Oracle SOA Fusion11gR1 stack on a JeOS Linux JeOS Appliance

Purpose of this note

 This note walks through the process of installing and configuring Oracle SOA Fusion11gR1 on top of a JeOS Linux VirtualBox Appliance.

This note is part of the following serie :

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Saturday Nov 28, 2009

SurvivalGuide for JavaFX portlet Development - GlassFish WebSpaceServer

Become am expert with JavaFX portlet in less than 30mns

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Monday Oct 19, 2009

JavaFX ShiFuMi integrated into WebSpace Server

Here is my last JavaFX portlet tested on Mac OS X with FireFox 3.5.\*  ... For more information about this JavaFX application, see this Facebook entry or Christophe blog

Have fun 

Sunday Oct 18, 2009

Developing AjaxPush WebApp for Glassfish and AjaxPush Portlet for WebSpace Server 10.0

Developing AjaxPush webapp or portlet with ICEFace framework has never been so easy.

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Saturday Oct 17, 2009

JavaFX portlet for WebSpace Server 10.0

This blog entry describes how esay it is to develop a JavaFX  portlet for WebSpace Sever. 

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