Solaris 10 Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle

The Solaris 10 Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle has been released.  It is designed to make it simpler for customers running on systems below Solaris 10 5/08 (Update 5) to apply the pre-requisite patch level needed to be able to utilize basic Live Upgrade functionality in a Zones environment.  These patches need to be applied to the live boot environment to enable Live Upgrade to work correctly in a Zones environment.

Aside: Customers with systems running Solaris 10 5/08 (Update 5) or later already have all the  pre-requisite patches pre-installed on the live boot environment and hence do not need to apply this patch bundle.

After this, Live Upgrade itself can be used to create an inactive boot environment and apply any additional patches referenced in SunSolve document 206844 'Solaris[TM] Live Upgrade Software: Minimum Patch Requirements' (formerly Infodoc 72099) to provide advanced Live Upgrade functionality such as support for ZFS Root. The document is available from:

The Solaris 10 Live Upgrade Patch Bundle is available from the normal patch cluster download center on SunSolve.  To download the patch bundle, login to SunSolve, , click on the Patches and Updates link, click on Recommended Patch Clusters, and scroll down the window under the heading "Recommended Solaris Patch Clusters, J2SE and Java Enterprise System Clusters" to find the "Solaris 10 SPARC Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle" or "Solaris 10 x86 Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle".  As always, you need a valid support contract to access patch clusters.  See previous postings for further information on support contracts.


This is wonderful. Thank you.
You really need to advertise this a little wider....

Can you update document 206844 to point out the bundle (preferably with a link)?

Posted by Paul Armstrong on September 29, 2008 at 08:53 PM IST #

Thanks Paul!

Glad you like it! Yes, good idea, I'll get 206844 updated with a link to the Cluster.

Best Wishes,


Posted by Gerry Haskins on September 30, 2008 at 06:02 AM IST #

Ity appears the Solaris 10 Live Upgrade Patch Bundle is no longer there. Only the LU zones bundle which is quite different to 206844 patches.

Posted by John Oxley on March 05, 2009 at 03:28 PM GMT #

Hi John!

All we've done is renamed the bundle to make it's purpose clearer. Please read the README in the bundle.

The "Solaris 10 <arch> Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle" is designed to get customers up and running with all basic Live Upgrade functionality required to operate in a Zones (or non-Zones) environment.

We do this, because as more complex Live Upgrade functionality is added - e.g. Live Upgrade support for ZFS Root / Boot - the number of patches specified in Infodoc 206844 continues to increase.

For example, Infodoc 206844 now includes Kernel patch 137137-09 (SPARC) / 137138-09 (x86) which provides limited LU support for ZFS Root / Boot.

Now, it's perfectly acceptable to apply all of the patches referenced in Infodoc 206844 to your live boot environment if you want, but applying so many patches to the live boot environment rather defeats the whole purpose of LU (which is to reduce risk and downtime by applying software changes to an inactive boot environment).

So, by using the "Solaris 10 <arch> Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle", you get all the basic LU functionality you need for a Zones (or non-Zones) environment. If you want the advanced LU features such as ZFS Root / Boot support, you can then create an inactive boot environment using the basic LU functionality, apply the additional patches specified in Infodoc 206844 to the inactive boot environment using LU, and then activate and boot into the new boot environment and, hey presto!, you've got all LU functionality without having had to apply all the patches in Infodoc 206844 to your live boot environment.

So the "Solaris 10 <arch> Live Upgrade Zones Starter Patch Bundle" is effectively a method to enable you to bootstrap your systems up to the full LU functionality if needed. And it is fully sufficient for basic LU functionality for a Zones (or non-Zones) environment if you don't need all the bells-and-whistles provided by the additional patches in Infodoc 206844.

I am currently strongly encouraging the author of Infodoc 206844 to update the document to also make clear the difference between the patch bundle and the contents of the Infodoc and how the two compliment each other.

I know this is a complex area, and I do tend to get confused about it myself, but I hope this helps!

Best Wishes,


Posted by Gerry Haskins on March 06, 2009 at 03:19 AM GMT #

Thanks Gerry. Are there any plans to make Live Upgrade useable with Branded Zones ?

Posted by AJ on October 21, 2009 at 06:51 PM IST #

No upgrade within a zone will not work initially, essentially a physical system is archived using flash archive or cpio/pax etc, this archive is then installed via zoneadm, which as part of the install converts the zone from physical to virtual ( p2v ),m this involves removing certain parts such as smf services from an y hollow packages and so on. So once this is done the system cannot be upgraded.

There is investigation being done to see if upgrade can be done in phase 2, but might not necessarily be using live upgrade as no decision has been made, initial release will not be upgradeable


Posted by guest on October 22, 2009 at 05:28 AM IST #

Can someone please help me with this SunSolve Info doc 206844, i've looked everywhere for it. The main sunsolve site is down itself.

Posted by guest on July 05, 2012 at 11:07 AM IST #

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