Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

Simplify Software Development with Solaris 11 Zones, ZFS etc (Replay available)

Oracle University is offering the replay of the webinar "Simplify your Software Development with Solaris 11 Zones, ZFS and the new TCP/IP Stack". The replay is available for free to all OTN members. 
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Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Webinar sécurité pour applications Web: conclusion

Merci d'avoir assisté au webinar sur la sécurité  pour les applications Web, et merci pour vos questions. Cette présentation était réservée aux membres du programme Sun Startup Essentials. Comme promis, voici une liste de liens utiles qui viennent compléter les sujets abordés pendant la présentations[Read More]

Sunday Jan 31, 2010

Security For Web Applications Webinar: Wrap Up

Thank you for attending the Sun Startup Essentials webinar on Security for Web Applications, here is a list of useful links to learn more about and start implementing the different technologies that were covered during the presentation[Read More]

Monday Jan 25, 2010

Webinar securite pour applications Web

Mercredi 10 Février - 11h00, rejoignez-nous pour un Webinar sur la sécurité des applications Web.[Read More]

Saturday Dec 26, 2009

Reminder: Tech Webinar on Security for Web Application

Reminder: Wednesday January 27th, Join the Sun Startup Essentials Webinar on  Security for Web Applications.[Read More]

Sunday Dec 20, 2009

ZFS and Solaris: storage optimization for the cloud

Cloud computing has been one of the most discussed topic over the year. What is usually less discussed is the technology behind cloud-computing, though this is no secret that virtualization is playing a key role. Cloud data-centers will be loaded with virtual machines each of these machines potentially requiring in disk-space what a complete operating system (OS) requires[Read More]

Monday Dec 07, 2009

Tech Webinar: Security for Web Application

Wednesday January 27th, Join the Sun Startup Essentials Webinar on  Security for Web Applications.[Read More]

Monday Nov 23, 2009

Webinar hébergement nouvelle génération

Le mercredi 2 décembre à 11h00 - heure de Paris - Sun Starup Essentials vous invite à découvrir l'offre de Planet-Work, notre partenaire hébergement.

Frédéric Vannière, Directeur Technique, vous expliquera comment il a mis en oeuvre les fonctionnalités de virtualisation de Solaris et de ZFS pour proposer des packages d'hébergement souples, évolutifs et économiques. En route pour le Cloud Computing !

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Sunday Nov 22, 2009

My swap space on an SSD?

If I consider the gain in latency that an SSD brings versus a capacity disk - in the region of 100x - the solution seems obvious. Swapping must be much faster with an SSD. Since RAM is expensive versus SSD, I could even be tempted to design a system with little RAM and a large swap space on SSDs. In other words, I can ask myself if trying to prevent my system to page is still a good fight?[Read More]

Friday Nov 06, 2009

ZFS compression: perf, disk-space, and watts. The naked truth. (part 2 of 2)

ZFS compression improves IO perf by 1.35x, saves disk space by 1.77x, and reduces power consumption by 1.09x. Find out more.[Read More]

Friday Oct 23, 2009

ZFS compression: perf, disk-space, and watts. The naked truth. (part 1 of 2)

I did a quick check about what ZFS compression brings in terms of IO performance and I also measured the impact on power consumption - a good opportunity to familiarize with the OpenSolaris Power Management. This article describes my experiment and provides the results.[Read More]

Saturday Oct 17, 2009

Technical Webinars

Take advantage of some free technical Webinars conducted by Sun's experts.[Read More]

Monday Sep 28, 2009

Backup MySQL in a Second with ZFS

MySQL backup soon becomes an important matter when the database is used in production. The pain-point comes from the fact that while backuping, the database is not available to respond to client requests anymore. ZFS snapshosts bring a new and straightforward approach that enables to backup MyISAM or InnoDB in less than a second[Read More]

Thursday Sep 24, 2009

Storage for your Database

Sun invites you to join a free Webinar on how databases can take advantage of the next wave in storage techologies. ZFS, SSDs and the Open Storage line of products from Sun are changing the rules in the database storage industry[Read More]

Sunday Jul 27, 2008

ZFS write throttle observations

The new ZFS write throttle feature, which integrated in Nevada build 87, specifically addresses write intensive workloads. Today, we take a closer look at the write throttle in action...[Read More]

Monday Jul 07, 2008

A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools; Part 3: RAIDZ2, scrubbing and resilvering

The second chapter of the hands on ZFS tutorial will introduce RAIDZ2, disk scrubbing and resilvering with help of 6 USB memory sticks and a USB hub.[Read More]

Thursday Jul 03, 2008

A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools; Part 2: Mirrors, Disk Failures and Spare Disks

The second part of the ZFS  hands on tutorial shows how to build mirrors and spare disks with the help of 6 USB sticks and a hub. It'll allow to test failure and recovery procedures with least cost components.[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

A Hands on Introduction to ZFS Pools: Part 1: Getting Started (zpool create, status, import, export)

Learn how to run your own ZFS training with a USB hub and 6 memory sticks. The tutorial introduces the key concepts of zpools in part 1.[Read More]

Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Innovative Storage - Customer Events, 28 Feb in Sale, 6 March in City

Find out more about Sun's x4500 and Solaris ZFS and hear from application partners including BakBone, Symantec and Coppereye on 28 February and 06 March at Sun's Sale and City CBC respectively. 

Make sure to visit http://uk.sun.com/personalities for more information and to register. 

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Wednesday Jul 18, 2007

Vorbereitung Code Camp München; Nachruf Code Camp Hamburg

Gestern haben wir recht erfolgreich mit 18 engagierten Teilnehmern unser zweites Code Camp zum Thema “Optimal Resource Utilization” in Hamburg durchgeführt. Die beiden Bilder untern zeigen diesen intensiven Tag des testen, tippen, diskutieren und präsentieren. Ein echtes Code Camp:

Es ging hier um die Solaris Konzepte:

  • Projects, Tasks

  • Fair share scheduler

  • Zonen

  • ZFS

Das Konzept des selbst mitbringen eines Laptops und dem mit nachhause nehmen aller Ergebnisse war für alle Teilnehmer sehr attraktiv.

  • An dieser Stelle ein paar Tips für die Teilnehmer in München am 24.7.2007 . Die Installationsphase dauert 20-40 Minuten. Einige Vorarbeiten verkürzen die Zeit:

  • MacOS-Intel basierte Laptops: Bitte installieren Sie sich die “ Fusion” Software von VMWare selbst. Wir haben auf unserem Schulungsmaterial keine Kopie. MacOS (Intel) hat problemlos bei allen Teilnehmern funktioniert.

  • Windows: Hier gibt es nichts zu beachten. Alle Teilnehmer, die die in der Anmeldung angegebenen Spezifikationen beachteten hatten keine Probleme. Auch Windows Benutzer dürfen sich schon vorab den kostenlosen VMWare Plyer selbst installieren

  • Linux: Linuxanwender dürfen sich gerne Ihren VMWare Player schon vorab installieren. Testen ist hier eine besonders gute Idee da es sehr viele Distributionen gibt. Manche älteren Linuxdistributionen haben ein Problem beim unzippen unseres Solaris Images. Ihr unzip muß in der Lage sein, eine Datei die (leider) etwas größer als 2GB auszupacken.

  • Solaris Developer Express:Wir bestreiten unser Code Camp mit einem VMWare Image von Solaris Developer Express. Sie können sich diese Software kostenlos herunterladen und Vorinstallieren.

An dieser Stelle nochmals ein Dankeschön an die Hamburger Teilnehmer und Jörg Möllenkamp. Jörg's ZFS Abschnitt hatte das größte Interesse gefunden. Hier die URL zu seinem Blog.

Stefan Schneider, Mithun Sridharan


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